Letting Go

I often wonder what kind of Mom I'll be when Turner is at the age where he is defiant, strong headed and wants to go adventures that I might be too scared to let him go on.  Growing up I never realized how trusting and patient my parents were of me.  From an early age I was very independent and by the time I was 16 I knew I wanted to study abroad for a year.  Thankfully, they gave me the freedom to dream, and to pursue my passion of learning about other cultures.  I can't imagine the fear my parents had when I told them about my cross country trips across Poland in trains by myself in the middle of the night.  I'm scared to death the day Turner wants to visit another country w/out our supervision, actually I'm scared the day he wants to do anything without our supervision.  But that is where my faith comes in, and I have to rest in God's peace that no matter what he is in control.

My Rotary Youth Exchange blazer.  It brings back so many amazing memories of a
 year full of travels and new experiences.  

I've already taken small steps in letting go of wanting to be in control. Letting Alex cut Turner's baby curls, allowing Turner to dive in to Indian food (which later bit us in the butt when Turner woke up every hour that night with indigestion...poor baby)...baby steps.

What kind of Mom are you? Or one that you hope you will be? Are you scared to death of the day your baby wants to go out with their friends to a party....movie...drive as a teenager in their car by them self!  Good luck moms, it's going to be a tough but fulfilling road ahead.

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