Traveling + Marriage

The flights are booked!  Alex and I are planning our first trip to California to celebrate 4 years of marriage, and enjoy some alone time without our little man. We've both never been, so we're extremely excited to explore the golden state.  We're focusing on northern California, and flying in and out of San Francisco (5 days, 4 nights).  We plan to rent a car and drive down the coast to Big Sur, and stay the night in Carmel/Monterey and spent the rest of our nights in San Francisco.  We'll also be stopping by Cupertino (Alex's request) to visit Apple's headquarters. 

I would LOVE to hear of your favorite spots and any tips to make our trip the best! Restaurants? Entertainment? Beaches? Etc? 


As I look back over the years, I feel very blessed to have been able to travel with Alex.  It's a huge part of our lives and memories, and we both feel that it is extremely important for our marriage as well as our overall happiness.  Don't get me wrong, you don't have to travel to be happy, but researchers do say it helps. One study found that the anticipation of vacation and the simple act of planning leads to an increase in happiness. I definitely am a believer of that, because I am already eagerly looking forward to our trip and have enjoyed planning out the details.  We booked our trip for mid-august, because honestly we wanted to have several months to save, and have something to look forward to.

Most of all, I think it is important to experience new things and create memories together that we can reminisce over through out our lives.  Life can get mundane at times, and a short trip can excite things, and help us to remember why we are best friends.  A weekend trip or even just a day can even do the trick.

We started traveling together when we were just friends studying abroad in college.  Little did we know 2 years later we would be married.  Here are the places out of state we have traveled together.

Berchtesgaden, Austria (On top of Hitler's Eagles Nest...there is also a bird's nest on my head) 2008

Frankfurt, Germany just before we flew back to Texas after months of traveling and studying. (I'm wearing a traditional Dirndl, and I had just chopped all my hair off. Alex wasn't a fan)

Breckenridge, Colorado (Where Alex proposed) 2009

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (Honeymoon) 2010

New York (NYC as well as Upstate New York) 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada ( Celebrating Alex's new job, and I was pregnant...buzz kill) 2012

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