Turner Jack - 16 Months

It's been a while since I've given you an update on Turner, so here it goes!


  • Around 21 pounds (this has helped me to get lots of use out of his baby clothes)


  • Bedtime: 6:30-7pm  Rise & Shine: Around 6:30am
  • His bedtime routine is eat, play, poop, read.  I turn the lights off, hold him for a few seconds, say goodnight and lay him down.
  • He sleeps with a pacifier, a small blanket and a teddy bear
  • The sound of the ocean serenades him through the night thanks to our sound machine
  • He takes 1 nap at school for about 2 hours (12:30-2:30). When he's at home with us on the weekends he will take two naps for about an hour to two a piece, but it depends on our activities.

  • Loves his carbs. What can I say, he follows after his mama.  He's starting to get more picky about the meals he eats, but it's hit or miss. One day he loves grapes, the next day he doesn't want to touch them.  Weird. T has also perfected the art of drinking out of a straw, so anytime we're eating out, he wants what I'm drinking.
  • Every morning around 7am, Turner and I eat breakfast together.  I'll make him a waffle and serve it with fruit, or sometimes he'll just eat fruit with cheerios.  Then 2 hours later, he eats his second round of breakfast at school. His teachers laugh at how much he eats, always getting seconds and sometimes thirds.
  • 12-18 month clothing
  • Can't believe he's still wearing a pair of 6-9 month pants from Old Navy 
  • Love shoes! Whoo hoo...he is definitely my child. 
  • I've really started to enjoy dressing T like a little man.  I try not to dress him in his nice clothes for daycare. I like the Carter's sets for school since they're soft, cheap and I probably won't save them for the next baby since they have food stains all over them.
  • Turner's favorite activity by far is walking around the house like a zombie with a piece of clothing/towel/blanket over his face.  He runs in to everything, but laughs every time.
  • Wants to be outside 24-7, and for some reason is attracted to the road (cue me watching him like a hawk at all times)
  • Loves when we read books before bedtime.  I'm getting tired of the same books he always picks out, mommy problems : )
  • Says "DADA" all the time. "MAMA"....never : (
  • Enjoys playing with any sort of ball. We've got 2 soccer balls, 2 footballs and recently purchased a mini set of golf clubs with golf balls.  I'm a bit biased, but I think he likes playing soccer the most.  

We've had a rough week due to teething, but hopefully he'll start to feel better soon.  I can't wait for the warm weather, so we can be outside all day!

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