We've Got A Problem

Where do I begin.  Lets just say my 4 day vacation/weekend did not go as planned. My in-laws took Turner for the weekend, so Alex and I could celebrate our anniversary and work on our master bedroom/bath.  My original plan was to finish painting all of the trim/doors/cabinets.  There was a small piece of trim in the bathroom that was slightly detached from the wall.  Friday morning, I asked Alex if he could secure it to the wall before I began painting, and in the process he started peeling back the layers. To make a long story short, we had a water leak.  If you know Alex, you know he immediately took action....with a sledge hammer.  He might have accidentally broke the toilet with it in the process...what's another couple of hundred dollars at this point!?

I can't explain the amount of stress that overcame me when my weekend plans were dramatically changed and so was our budget.  My bedroom was a disaster zone, and I knew Turner would be home in only a few days.  At a certain point, I had to sit outside on our patio and take a breather.  My mom reminded me that I should feel lucky I even have a bathroom to renovated, and that at least we have a second bathroom to use in the mean time.  I had to remind myself that it was not the end of the world, and that I am extremely blessed for all that I have in life.  After demoing all day Friday and most of Saturday, we finally realized that it's possible our homeowner's insurance would cover this loss.  We set up a claim, and won't know till tomorrow.  We will still be out of pocket almost $2,000 for our deductible, but we might have spent that much doing the renovation on our own and hopefully it will be done quickly!

In regards to painting, I wasn't able to work on the bathroom (obviously), but I did finish our bedroom trim, bathroom cabinets, built in shelves/desk and closet trim. I used Sherwin-Williams Snowbound for all trim/doors/cabinets.  I can officially say I am done painting doors! 8 bedroom/bathroom doors and 8 closet doors. 

Friday, we celebrated our 4th anniversary at a local Italian restaurant, and went country dancing with friends!  When not painting, we were at Home Depot or Lowe's or eating out.  We did a lot of eating out, because we were baby free and the last thing I wanted to do was cook. I'm sad to say goodbye to the weekend, but so happy to be reunited with Turner.  Our family just isn't complete without him.

Here's a post and another post on my previous painting vacations.  You get the picture, anytime I have free time I'm painting.  My goal is to have the entire interior (every room/every piece of trim/every wall) of our house painted by our 1 year anniversary of owning it. I'm so close!

Have you ever had a project turn in to something much bigger than you ever expected? If so, what are your tips for handling the stress of it all?

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