10 Things You May Not Know

1. I've been baptized twice. The first time was when I was a baby at the Presbyterian church I grew up  attending.  When I was in high school, my parents let me explore different churches, and I found my place in a cowboy church where I was baptized in a feed trough.  I'm extremely thankful my parents didn't push religion down my throat, but rather let me find my own path which ultimately has allowed me to become closer to God.

2. I've broken my arm three times. Once playing soccer, once running hurdles, and once playing basketball.

3. I've bungee jumped in to the nile river, and my entire body was submerged in water.

4. I have three bad habits; Twirling my hair, biting my lip, and biting my nails.

5. I order the exact same meal at EVERY Mexican restaurant. Cheese Enchiladas w/beans and rice.

6. I wore a ridiculous 80's dress I bought from Goodwill for $12 to my senior prom.

7. The first time I ever learned how to ski was when my Polish host Dad took me to the top of an Italian Alp, and said "Do like this (swings hips side to side)", and then gave me a push.  I almost died that day.

8. I despise the words "Poolside" and "Rockstar" (rockstar in regards to a significant other)

9. The scariest movie I ever watched as a child was "IT" (the clown movie). I wouldn't step on a shower drain till college.

10. When I run I don't listen to music.  In high school, the day before I had to run a timed mile for volleyball tryouts, my Dad told me to count my footsteps to pass the time.  To this day I will count usually every 4th or 5th footstep, and I'll count to a hundred in my head and then start over. I truly enjoy the peace and quiet.

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