2014 Year In Review

Here are some of my favorite posts and moments from 2014!

Participated in a 90 day No Shopping Challenge w/Kelsey
Renovated our Guest Bathroom

Partnered with Langford Market for an Austin City Guide

Witnessed the birth of my best friend's son
Joined Austin Moms Blog as a Contributor - You can find all my posts here!

A much needed Girls Weekend To Fredericksburg

Found a BIG problem in our Master Bathroom, which led to our first homeowner's insurance claim
Celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Spent lots of time outside and in the water
Desk Makeover w/Bolt Fabrics -  My 1st Reupholstery project

Welcomed my first nephew in to the world
Needed a change and cut my hair off 

Went on a 6 day vacation to Northern California (baby-less)

Celebrated our 1 Year Home-Iversary - The projects have been non-stop, but it has been a true labor of love this past year in our new home.

Threw a Halloween Party with our closest friends/neighbors
Celebrated Turner's 2nd Birthday with family and friends

Photo by Kim Neuman Photography
Accepted a new jobAfter quitting my job after Turner was born, I found it difficult to find another marketing position. I accepted a job at State Farm as an Auto Adjuster because....well, I needed a job, and my friend who worked there said there was a marketing department that I could hopefully one day join.  After a few hard times, many interviews and resumes later, a marketing position was offered to me! I'm beyond excited to be back in the field of marketing, but I can say that being an adjuster taught me a lot. A lot about myself, stressful situations, communication, insurance and car accidents. I'm glad I got the experience, and will use those skills for the rest of my life.

Hosted the first #ATXBloggerMixer

Took a girls trip to NYC for my Mom's Birthday

At the end of every year, I think of how quickly the year went by. I really enjoyed writing this post, because it reminded me of all the amazing things that happened in 2014.  I spent quality time with family, accomplished personal goals, worked on numerous DIY projects, and watched my baby turn in to a toddler.  I don't have specific goals this year...just don't really care to this year.

My 2014 goals were;
  • Budget
    • Proud to say we got back to a budget, and started using cash envelopes. We also led a Financial Peace University class with our neighbors.
  • Learn how to reupholster furniture
    • Did some small projects that put me in the right direction. Maybe I'll be brave enough to reupholster an entire chair in 2015.
  • Get involved
    • We hunted and hunted for churches in our area this past year, and finally found one we really enjoy! Alex and I have served in the nursery, and are hoping to get involved with Young Life in our area very soon.
  • Become a better wife
    • Always working on this one. We loved our California vacation, just the two of us, and thanks to great neighbors and friends we have had many date nights!
I'm not a fan of odd years, but here we go 2015!


Unknown said...

I love all of your home remodels! Looks like you had an awesome year! Here's to another awesome year in 2015!
Lee Anne

Unknown said...

I just came across your blog and I think this post was a great place for me to start! I feel like I've gotten a nice sampling! Love the before and after photos of the room and furniture makeovers.
Excited to see what 2015 brings!

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Kathy!

college paper said...

Such a productive year! You really have a lot to teach us with your goals. I wonder if you achieve all of them in 2014 but for that I need to go and read through your blog, I guess :) Thank you for sharing your achievements with us.