Date Night

Alex and I have been fortunate enough to have amazing neighbors and friends that are willing to watch Turner when we want to go out for a date night. As much as I like dates just Alex and I, I also think it's important to go out with a group of friends every once in a while. I specifically enjoy going dancing, but I think some of my friends would prefer to opt out of that : ).

A few weeks ago Alex and I dined at Estancia Churrascaria, our first Brazilian Steakhouse experience. Well, the meat was fantastic...all 14 types of it.  I seriously had the meat sweats that night because I had eaten so much. My favorite item on the menu was the Caipirinha cocktail, Brazil's national cocktail. The last time I had one of these was when a Brazilian exchange student made one for me in Poland 9 years ago.  It was just as good as I remembered. 

What type of date nights do you prefer? Just the two of you or a group outing with friends? Fine dining or something more casual?  Leave a comment below and you could win a $20 gift card to Estancia Churrascaria! Winner will randomly be chosen 1/11.


DTKAustin said...

Those drinks look amazing! I hope y'all had a great time! ;)

Unknown said...

Yummm! I need those drinks haha. Hope you had a good time!

Lee Anne

All That Glitters said...

Date nights are my favorite! We have a couple we go out with regularly, but it's always nice to have time alone together too:)