5 Year Anniversary

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary with my husband, Alex! We were engaged in December of 2009 and married 5 months later.  We had both graduated college 1 week prior, and were married at the beautiful ACU chapel in Abilene. We were best friends before we dated, and best friends to this day. We've learned a lot about each other over the past 5 years...1.) I'm OCD 2.) Alex doesn't know how to put anything away, BUT we love each other more every day. Last year I did a recap of our past 4 years together, and I really enjoyed looking back on the things we've done together as husband and wife. So, I'm going to continue that tradition on the blog today!

Year 1 
  • Married 1 week after we graduated college
  • Vacationed in Playa Del Carmen for our honeymoon
  • Moved in to a small university house so I could pursue my MBA
  • Alex worked in banking, I worked at a non-profit
  • Enjoyed hanging out with our college friends who stuck around 
  • Started this blog because I was bored and needed a creative outlet
Year 2 
  • Made one of the biggest decisions we've had to make; Where to move after college? We applied in Austin and San Antonio, and decided that which ever city offered Alex the first job we would move there.  Thank you Austin for choosing us!
  • Alex moved to Austin, and I stayed behind in Abilene to finish up my degree. Three months of living apart was not fun.
  • Both found our dream jobs while at a liquor store, odd but a very true story
  • Vacationed in NYC and Saratoga Springs in the summer
  • Became pregnant!
  • Vacationed in Las Vegas to celebrate Alex's new job at Apple
Year 3
  • Welcomed our son, Turner Jack, in to the world
  • Took a leap of faith and quit my marketing job
  • Saved for our future home and to pay off student loan debt
  • Learned how to sleep less and love so much more
  • Vacationed in Port Aransas with family
Year 4
  • Bought our first home
  • You got arrested accidentally and it was one of the best days of your life
  • Worked on project after project making our house in to the perfect place for family and friends
  • Had Turner dedicated in the church we attended before we bought our house.  Started the search for a new church to call home.
  • Grew more together as parents and best friends than ever before
Year 5
  • Became DEBT FREE!
  • Vacationed kid less in California for a week
  • Renovated our Master Bathroom
  • Found a church we feel love
  • Didn't go on enough dates, but had some great ones thanks to friends willing to babysit
  • Made the decision to host a foreign exchange student
  • Created an amazing friendship with our neighbors, and enjoyed many game nights and parties together
  • Supported and encouraged each other through job changes 
  • Learned how to juggle our crazy schedules while raising a toddler (you are a great teammate)
Thank you Alex for being a patient, loving and supportive husband. Ja kocham cie. We've both taken the day off to celebrate...whoo hoo! First stop, sitting in line for 3 hours to eat at Franklin BBQ.


Chrystina said...

HIS FACE. Is priceless. That's awesome.

Also, why isn't there a link to the fact that you both got your jobs in a liquor store?

Unknown said...

Congratulations dear for your 5th wedding anniversary! I am very happy for you and thanks for sharing your wedding photographs. My sister is also going to celebrate her 1st wedding anniversary at a traditional location for vows in Miami. We are quite excited for this party!