Anniversary Weekend - 2015

It's starting to become a tradition for Alex's parents to take care of Turner the weekend of our anniversary. They get quality time with their grandson, and we get a weekend where our activities are determined by nap time and bedtime. This year our anniversary fell on a Friday which was awesome, since we already had Monday off for Memorial day. A 4 day kidless weekend was just what we needed!

Friday morning, 6am to be exact, Alex rolled over and said, " Pack your bags, because we're not coming home tonight." I was ecstatic and completely surprised! I had been trying to find an Austin hotel for the past few weeks, but couldn't find anything we could afford (Memorial day prices were insane). Thankfully, Alex's co-worker was extremely sweet and gave us a ton of her Hilton hotel points.

We left the house by 8am and headed downtown to stand in line for the famous Franklin Barbecue. We brought lawn chairs, and waited in line from 8:30am till 2:15pm while it rained off and on. Thankfully we had great people sitting next to us line, so we had great conversation while we waited. It was surprising how fast the time went by.  Alex was on Cloud 9 after he met Aaron (the owner of Franklin's). Once we got in, we had brisket, sausage, a chopped beef sandwich and some sides (they were out of everything else). It was insanely good!

Afterwards, we headed to the Hilton and went straight to the pool/jacuzzi. My favorite part of our hotel stay, other than our comfy bed, was the steam room. It was completely relaxing, and made me feel wonderful.

We took a late nap, and then things took a turn for the worse.  Alex felt very sick, and all of the sudden he was face down in the bathroom toilet. It was like a scene from the exorcist...so romantic huh? He blamed it on the fat and sausage from Franklin's...he was sneezing pickles.  Prior to this we had planned on doing a bit of bar hopping, but instead we headed to a late night showing of Mad Max at the Alamo Drafthouse.

We slept in (8:30am), spent some time in the steam room, and checked out after eating breakfast at the hotel.  Alex wanted to stop by REI, so I did some browsing in Anthropologie....BIG MISTAKE. Holy moly, I fell in love with everything and cringed at the price tags.

We headed back to Round Rock, grabbed lunch at the Blind Squirrel, and spent the rest of the afternoon painting and binge watching BroadChurch.  Later that night we had dinner with our neighbors at El Monumento in Georgetown.

Lots and lots of painting, a trip to Lowe's and Home Depot, then my sis and bro-in-law came to Austin to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a big dinner at Perry's Steakhouse, and headed home to watch a movie. Have you tried the famous pork chop at Perry's? If not....put it on your bucket list!

We enjoyed a big breakfast at one of our favorite diners, 620 Cafe, and then I spent lots and lots of time painting while Austin flooded. Alex headed north to pick up Turner, and was actually in a minor accident on the way back due to the rain : (. Thankfully no one was hurt, but our car is likely totaled since it's pretty old. We ended the night with a neighborhood crawfish boil.

It was such a relaxing weekend, and I'm very grateful for family that took care of Turner during that time. I feel rejuvenated and not ready to head back to work tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

What a weekend!! Hope the rain didn't thwart any of your plans! Loving that anthro dress. So cute!
Lauren Jade
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