Simple Closet Makeover

A few weeks ago I decided to update my guest bedroom closet in preparation for my host daughter coming in just a few months. I was planning on completely renovating it, but Alex advised the shelves were perfectly fine and we should just keep it simple since we wanted a quick turn around.  All it took was a gallon of white paint (3 coats to be exact) to makeover this closet, and I also removed one of the shelves at the bottom to leave room for hanging longer clothes. Now on to the fun part of decorating it. I'll be frequenting Home Goods and Target looking out for storage and organization baskets/bins. Let me know if you see any cute ones that would look great in this closet!

I plan to do the same with our 2nd guest bedroom in the next few months, and then completely renovate my master bedroom which will take A LOT of work. I'm seeking inspiration from my favorite closet makeover to date.

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