4 Reasons We Decided to Buy a Minivan

Well, we bought a van.  I NEVER thought I would say those words, but you know...you grow up and life gets real. Our van is definitely not the prettiest or coolest vehicle in the neighborhood, but hey it's a blessing to be able to even have a car. We experienced not having a single car for one day and it was a nightmare.

2007 Toyota Sienna
Below are 4 reasons we decided to buy a van.

1.) Budget
  • We have never had a car payment during our marriage of 5 years, so in our car search we wanted an affordable vehicle that we could pay cash for. Unfortunately, we hadn't been saving for a car, so we only had the $6,000 we received from our insurance company for the value of Alex's camry. We are Dave Ramsey fans and had been living debt free, but this time around we did get a small loan. We're hoping to pay it off by the end of the year.
  • Most people would buy an SUV or wagon if they needed a larger vehicle, but if you are really comparing prices, vans are much cheaper. Yes, I would love to drive an SUV over a boring minivan, but sacrificing looking cool for peace of mind is completely worth it. 
2.) Growing Family
  • We would like to add to our family very soon and space is a must. We take lots of trips to visit family (4 hours north for my in-laws, 2 hours south for my family), and a van is perfect for road trips! The van has a DVD player with 2 headsets which is one of my favorite features.
  • Right after we purchased the vehicle and were about to drive it off the loft, I noticed Turner had a dirty diaper. Cue the giant trunk. I laid him in the back and had a perfect place to lay him out and change his diaper. It felt like such a luxury compared to changing his diaper in the front seat of our car. 
3.) My husband is huge and needs leg space
  • Alex is very tall, and can't drive comfortably with a car seat behind his seat. This isn't the reason we bought a van, but it was the reason we crossed sedans off the list of potential vehicles.
4.) We have a woodworking business & I love thrifting furniture
  • We run a small woodworking business, BuiltWell, and make lots of trips to Lowe's & Home Depot for wood. Thankfully up until this point, our gracious neighbors have let us borrow their truck. Alex's dream is to own a truck, but a 4 door truck just wasn't in our budget at this time. A van was the next best thing that had large trunk space and seats that folded down.
  • I am ecstatic that I can FINALLY pick up those random pieces of furniture I see on the side of the road! Alex on the other hand, not so excited.

There you have it! Now, I totally get it if you aren't a minivan fan. It's not for everyone, but it is just what our family needed at moment in our lives.

Do you own a minivan? Are you for them or against them?


Anonymous said...

this weekend we sold our 4Runner and bought a Sienna. Though it was depressing to leave my beloved SUV behind, the van is SO convenient for getting kids in and out, emergency diaper changes and long trips. The DVD player is AMAZING and I never thought we would have such a luxury. I think we will grow to love our vans.

Jesse Coulter said...

Good to know! I think we will too ; )

Anita | Fearless Captivations said...

YESSSS! I don't know what year it was but I definitely drove a Toyota Sienna in college. Before that, that Sienna did take our family on several memorable road trips. I think it's a great investment for a family with kids!