26 Weeks {Twins}

How Far Along: 26 Weeks (this is a week late so I can give you a full update on my 26th week of pregnancy)

Babies Genders: Boy AND Girl

Due Date: February 8, will deliver no later than January 25

Things to Note:
- I traveled for work this past week, and I did much better than I thought. I had a bit of swelling in my feet, and a bit of back pain. Alex found the trick to giving yourself a massage when you have neck/back pain, and it's AMAZING! Want to know the trick? A lacrosse ball!  I surprisingly had no nausea on the plane, which I usually have when I'm not pregnant...weird that it was gone.

- Thinking a lot about if I'll be able to breastfeed TWO babies. I'm not holding myself to any standards, but I definitely want to try. I had a rough time with Turner. It would save us a TON of money, but I'm worried about long nights, getting super stressed out/anxious, a changing diet (Turner was so gassy, they wanted me to stop eating dairy....and I LOVE cheese). I know it might sound selfish to think about my sanity over my baby's health, but I do think formula fed babies turn out just fine.We'll see what happens.

- Had maternity photos taken in Georgetown, TX by photographer Todd White. I worried about being huge by the third trimester, so I scheduled them at 26 weeks but I wish I had waited a bit longer. I'm not as big as I thought I would be (although, I'm about the size I was with Turner at 40 weeks).

Nursery: It's the final week of the One Room Challenge! I can't wait to show you the BIG REVEAL this Thursday, so stay tuned.

- My back and feet ache after standing for too long.

- I felt hiccups for the first time this past week and it was the sweetest thing. I know it was Walt because it was on the left side of my stomach which is where he is positioned.

- Still having Braxton-Hicks contractions 3-5 times a day.

Exercise: N/A (maybe a little if you consider walking in an airport way too long)

Clothing: I am now starting to think about the clothes I'll need post babies! I bought a pair of house slippers and a cute baseball cap because I know I won't be getting around to doing my hair much during those first few weeks/months. I'd love to get some comfy pajamas, sweat pants, and maybe some cute workout leggings (for actually working out as well as trips to the store).

Cravings: French fries, Dr. Pepper/Coke...all the healthy things my doctor recommends ; )

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