#JesseCoulter - No. 18 {Maternity Style}

I love the contrast of these two outfits. One is obviously very dressy, which I wear to work...although I'm not required to get super dressed up, I tend to wear dresses. This dress is super comfy and sucks you in....in all the right places. The other look is my favorite uniform of denim on denim paired with my felt hat and thrifted boots from a local antique store. I'm not going to lie when I say that I absolutely hate these maternity jeans. They are so cute for outfits, but extremely uncomfortable because they constantly sag and fall down around my waist (hello plumber's crack). They are the first pair of jeans I've tried with the side panel, and I'm not a fan. I'm also not a fan of over the belly jeans because they also fall off/sag. The only jeans that seem to work for me are the low panel style. What is your experience with maternity jeans?

Dress: Envie De Fraise. Shoes: Creatures Boutique.
Top/Jeans: Old Navy Maternity. Boots: Thrifted Justin Boots. Hat: Cotton On.

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himabindu said...

Hey, what style are you maternity jeans? I'm struggling to find a good pair.