Dressing the Bump {Second Trimester}

Dressing a baby bump during the 2nd trimester is always my favorite. You're not too huge, but most people can tell you're pregnant (for me especially carrying twins). I wore a ton of dresses due to unpredictable Texas weather as it transitioned from Summer to Fall. When it came to pants, I only wore jeans and jeggings. I always favor low-panel jeans and side panel jeans are bearable. I despise over the belly jeans because they always end up sagging.

My advice would be to invest in a few key pieces, but choosing the right ones depends on what you do for a living. Are you a stay at home mom? Invest in some casual outfits (jeans, leggings/jeggings, tees, casual t-shirt dresses that you can easily move around in with your kiddos). If you go in to the office everyday and have to dress more formal, I would invest in a few dresses that you can dress up or down, as well as a pair of ankle length dress pants that you can wear with flats or heels. Whatever your job may be, I would own a lot of cardigans and tunics that cover your rear....it definitely grows over time ; ). Some of my favorite brands for maternity clothing are Old Navy, Gap, Envie De Fraise, ASOS and PinkBlush Maternity.

If you hate spending money on maternity clothes, look for non-maternity pieces such as tunics, a-line dresses, jogger pants, maxi dresses and a-line skirts that have stretchy waist bands. Cotton On is a great resource for tunics, cardigans and baggy dresses that work throughout pregnancy.

If you want to see my outfits throughout my entire pregnancy, click HERE!


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Anonymous said...

Jesse, you are a gorgeous pregnant person. Congrats to you and Alex on twins! Stephanie pueschel