Turner's Christmas Wish List

Christmas this year is more special than years before because Turner is beginning to understand the magic of the holiday. He doesn't fully understand the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas, but I try my hardest to teach him. He believes in Santa (although a part of me didn't really want to push the idea), but we're going with it. Honestly, it's helping with potty training, so I'm riding the Santa train as long as possible!

Here is a round up of Turner's wish list. Although, since making this he has been requesting anything with Chewbacca on it and a Batman t-shirt.

Left to Right:

1. Soccer Goal - Turner asks me to play soccer with him every day. It's hard to refuse his request when he asks in the sweetest high pitch voice. I'm getting tired of the ball rolling underneath our cars, and I know he's ready to start aiming towards a goal.
2. Good Dinosaur Book - Turner and I saw the Good Dinosaur in the movie theater during Thanksgiving, and I seriously cried 3 times. Turner didn't cry but he would look up at me during the emotional parts and make the saddest face.
3. Spiderman underwear - Let's hope potty training sticks soon!
4. Nike tennis shoes - To say he's obsessed with shoes is an understatement...like mother like son.
5. Football - He would be happy with any ball
6. Spiderman Puzzle
7. German Chocolate/Candy
8. Razor Scooter - He loves riding his balance bike, but I think he will really enjoy a scooter.

His stocking will consist of chocolate/candy, the puzzle and football which I purchased from Dollar Tree.

Each year I plan on purchasing three "big" items for each one of my children, which this year includes the scooter, soccer goal and sneakers.  The other items are stocking stuffers and total less than $10. I purchased everything above for less than $100 which I think is pretty good when it comes to budgeting! It's very easy for me to get carried away with buying presents, because it's so FUN buying things you know your kids and family will enjoy, but at a certain point you have to reel it in.

How much do you spend on Christmas presents for your kiddos?

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