Life Since The Arrival of Walt & Whitney

Well, if you haven't seen my social media posts....Walt & Whitney are here! I wanted to pop in and give you a little life update. I can't wait to share their birth story with you...it's crazy! As I read over my last post before I went in to labor, it's crazy to think how life has dramatically changed since. I wanted to touch on a few topics I previously wrote about.

  • Well, my bag was semi-packed when I went in to labor, but honestly I didn't wear anything in my bag except a pair of leggings and a nursing robe on my ride home. I brushed my teeth every day and took 1 shower but that was about it when it came to using my toiletries. I ended up wearing hospital robes the entire time because I didn't want to get my personal clothes dirty. I only had a few visitors, and I honestly didn't care what I looked liked.
  •  I've been using my Earth Mama Angel Baby products like crazy...thank you bottom spray and nipple balm for making me feel a bit better.
  • I decided to put the babies in their Rock n' Plays the first night home in their room, but honestly I felt like they were way too small to be in them. The next night I put them in a MamaRoo and RockaRoo which has been much better. I've turned them on a few times at night, but during the day they nap in them (without movement) between feedings. They sleep for longer stretches during the day (3-3 1/2 hours) than at night...of course.
  •  Breastfeeding: Oh goodness....I will write a whole post dedicated to this, but I lasted a week. It honestly wasn't a tough decision to stop, because I was miserable. I've decided to pump instead, and I've had to supplement with formula when I don't make enough for each feeding. I'm pumping about 4 oz. every 3 hours, and the babies eat 2-3 oz. every 3 hours. 
  • Turner loved meeting the babies, and has been super sweet. He pretends like he is a baby tiger or cat every time he is around them and rubs his face on their foreheads. I don't blame him, because the babies' faces are so stinkin' soft! My in-laws were in town the day after the babies were born and offered to take Turner home with them to Dallas for a week. At first I was hesitant, because I didn't want him to think we were shipping him off or abandoning him. But the first night we came home from the hospital was crazy. Turner was super hyper and all over the place, and I immediately knew that it would be an easier first week at home adjusting to the babies if Turner wasn't home (sounds mean, but it's true).  He has a blast with his grandparents anyway, so I know he is well taken care of and getting much more attention than we would be able to give him right now. 
  • Alex and I have been doing really good together at home, even though we both have cabin fever. He's been a huge supporter when I've broken down multiple times, and given me multiple back massages when I'm so tight from breastfeeding. At night, I find myself clinging to him (I'm always the big spoon...and now I don't have a belly keeping me away). He's been able to sleep at night thanks to my mom getting up with me during the night to help with feedings, and then will watch the babies more during the day so my Mom and I can nap.
  • My mom has been with me since the babies were born, and her help is more than I could ask for. I'm so thankful for her support, help, and comfort.  I think most women find comfort in their mother's being there for them after the birth of a child. Thinking about her leaving terrifies me. She will be staying with me for another 2 weeks, and I'm extremely grateful for her taking the time off of work to be with me and the babies.
  • I'll be sharing the twin's birth story on my friend's podcast, The Birth Hour, next week and will let you know once it's live. 
  • Alex and I actually got to go on a date when the babies were a week old. We wanted to try out the new HopDoddy location in Round Rock, and my Mom didn't really want to go and said she would stay with one of the babies. We took Walt because he had just eaten....poor Whitney got left behind on our first outing. Walt slept through the entire dinner (the advantage of newborns).
  • I've taken a bath almost every night and done by hair while my Mom is here. I don't go many places other than the doctor, but it's nice to feel normal. When I was getting dressed to go out with Alex, I thought my body was smaller than it was and tried to put on some non-maternity jeans. Big mistake. I've dropped 25lbs., but my body is still not back to it's pre-baby form (obviously and that's OK). I forget how much my hips shift. I'll be wearing lots of leggings and my maternity jeans for quite a while.  
  • I've received so many messages from friends and family and even strangers on Instagram about helping with the babies. I am beyond grateful for everyone's support and kinds words. I was having a few rough days ago, and I posted a photo to IG about my struggle as a new mom and experiencing the baby blues. I received an outpour of encouragement, and it definitely helped brighten my spirits!
Leaving the hospital


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