Being Vulnerable & Sharing My Story

For over 5 years I've struggled with pelvic floor pain, later diagnosed as Vaginismus, and many of those years I felt extremely isolated and alone when it came to my problem. I would tell some friends and family, but I still felt alone because no one else had experienced it. The only thing someone can say is, "I'm sorry. That sucks." It's really hard to this day to hear women talk about their sex life, because I'm usually the only one who struggles with this pain.

I finally decided to write about my experience on Austin Moms Blog, and then I recorded a podcast with my friend, Jess Lively. I immediately felt liberated and terrified at the same time. Since the blog post and podcast went live almost a year ago, I've received dozens of emails from women who struggle with Vaginismus and other pelvic floor issues. Every email I receive brings tears to my eyes as these women I've never met pour out their hearts to me. They share some of the most intimate stories and secrets of their life...to a complete stranger. But we are connected, and we understand each other's struggles. I've always been an open book, but talking about such an intimate topic is tricky. I'm so glad I shared my story, because I've been able to encourage others and help them to find treatment in the form of women's physical therapy. Their emails help me to feel not so alone.

I guess what I'm trying to say in this post is...share your story. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.

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Sarah said...

I can't imagine this kind of pain, but I am so glad you have encouraged us to share our stories! Thanks, Jesse! xo www.thebellainsider.blogspot.com