Walt & Whitney - 1 Month

We made it to 1 Month! It hasn't been as difficult as I thought, but it's all due to the help of my mom and other family. My in-laws took Turner during the first week, and that was a lifesaver. Turner has been one of the hardest parts of the transition, because he is constantly wanting attention and needing our help (putting on clothes, going to the bathroom, getting food, bathing, bedtime, etc). My mom helped me with the night shifts, and allowed Alex to sleep through the night, then my mom and I would try to take a good nap during the day while Turner was at daycare. After 3 weeks, my mom went home and we were on our own. That's when it really got hard. We've had a TON of support from friends as well, and have had a few meals a week brought over to the house.

Adorable organic outfits by Rainy Lain
  • 2-3 hour stretches. Oh, I can't wait until they start sleeping longer!
  • For the first 3 weeks they slept in a MamaRoo and RockaRoo, but now have transitioned to Rock n' Plays. I use a sound machine to play white noise.
  • They both sleep in their room, and I don't use a monitor. I wait till I hear one of them crying before I get up. I'm such a light sleeper, so I wouldn't sleep a wink if I heard Walt grunting all night.
  • The first week I breastfed them, the second week they had pumped breast milk supplemented with formula and by week 3 were drinking formula only.
  • We are feeding them Enfamil newborn formula, but have switched to Gentlease since they have been so gassy the past week. Whitney is much more gassy and can barely get comfortable eating, and has a very hard time sleeping due to gas pain.
  • Clothing - Newborn
  • Diapers - Newborn
  • Sleeping and eating (sometimes). What do most babies like other than these at this stage? 
  • Whitney takes a pacifier, Walt not so much.  
  • Taking naps on my chest
  • The process of being swaddled. Walt usually grunts and tries to get out a few times during his naps, but I know that it ultimately helps him sleep better.
  • Walt absolutely hates having his diaper changed, and has the highest pitched scream the second a wipe touches his bottom.
Fun Facts:
  • Walt:
    • My jumpy one. He reacts so easily to sounds, and throws his hands up constantly. He's also my grunter...constantly making noises.
    • Might have torticollis, so we're watching him closely. I he has a hemangioma forming on the left side of his noise. I noticed it when he was 3 weeks old, which is about the same time Turner's began to form.
  • Whitney: 
    • She has the cutest double chin, and I'm OBSESSED with her strawberry blonde hair.
    • Also has a hemangioma like her brothers, but hers is on the bicep of her right arm
    • I love putting tiny bows on her. I currently have RosieOutlookTX and TinyTurban bows. I only have a small window to dress her how I want, so I'm taking full advantage.

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Lisa Kimberly said...

Yay one month! I'm so happy for you, and these photos are precious!