Walton & Whitney's Twin Birth Story

When I found out I was having twins, I knew that a birthing center was not an option since twins are considered high risk pregnancies. I was completely ok with that, because I was already planning on delivering at a hospital and getting an epidural. Turner's natural birth was WAY too painful for me. I chose OBGYN North and enjoyed the 9 months of appointments leading up to Walt and Whitney's birth.

My induction date was set for January 26, which was when I would be 38 weeks. At my 36 week appointment on January 13 I had my first internal exam and my doctor advised I was 4cm dilated and 95% effaced so it could be any day. I left the doctor's office around 4pm and immediately began feeling cramping. Over the next few hours I began having lower back pain and minor contractions. I was pretty sure that my doc had just induced my labor, which I didn't mind. I was READY!

That night I didn't want to sit around the house thinking about what was to come so I told Alex I wanted to get out. We took Turner to Dairy Queen and then walked around Lowe's. The cashier at Lowe's asked "Aww...when are you due?" I replied, "Tonight....no, seriously." We headed home, I took a bath, put on my pajamas, read Turner a few books and put him to bed. My contractions had really died down, so I thought that maybe this wasn't the night.

Last belly photo at 36 weeks
Enjoying our last night out as a family of 3
1:00am - I was woken up by a contraction. I went to the bathroom and noticed some liquid and blood on my underwear. I woke up Alex and said that I think my water broke, but wasn't 100% sure. As we were chatting in my room about it, my water REALLY did break. I ran back in to the bathroom, and thought...IT'S GO TIME! I texted my family and said, "Water broke, headed to the hospital!" Well...I didn't head to the hospital instantly. For some dumb reason, I hadn't packed my bag so I tried to pack as fast as I could. Alex called our neighbor to come spend the night with Turner while we were away. As I was packing I was definitely begging to feel strong contractions about 3 minutes apart. About 45 minutes later we finally left the house.

2:15am - Alex dropped me off at the front of the hospital (St. David's North) and drove off to find a parking spot. I walked in and took the elevator up to the front desk. As I approached, the front desk asked for my name, I responded..."One second" as I grasped the counter and put my head down. I proceeded to have an intense contraction. They could tell I was in pain. A nurse came and took me back to a room. I sat down for 1 minute when I told her that I was 4cm dilated and carrying twins. She then immediately moved me to a delivery room. I told her I wanted an epidural RIGHT NOW, to which she responded, OK, but we I need to check you. I quickly threw off my clothes and put on the hospital robe. I quickly layed down on the bed, grabbed on to the oh shit handle. The nurse checked me and said, "I'm sorry, but the babies are right here. You won't be able to get an epidural." WHAT THE WHAT???!!! At this point I was in too much pain to get upset, so I closed my eyes and held on. I told the nurse they were both head down, and I wanted to keep the placentas. A few minutes later the room was flooded with nurses and my doctor (who I had never met with prior). All of the sudden I felt an INSANELY amount of pressure on my butt, and it hurt so bad. I immediately started screaming, "My BUTT, my BUTT...OMG, it hurts so bad. Is he going to come out my butt?!" I said I wanted to start pushing, so I did. At this point I still wasn't hooked up to anything, and no IV was inserted yet. I pushed through 2-3 contractions and Walt was born at 12:40am! Ahhhhh....the relief. The nurses put him on my stomach, and for a brief second I glanced down and touched him. After that quick moment I layed back in exhaustion and thought, Oh crap I have to do this again.

Just after Walt was born
2:41am - I had a few minutes of no contractions, and then the pain started back up again. I remember there was a nurse to the left of me trying to shove a needle in to my arm to attach the IV, and Alex putting his phone in my face to which I saw my sister on Facetime. Of course I reacted with, "ALEX, GET THE PHONE OUT OF MY FACE!" (nacho libre style). I didn't have the butt pain like I did with Walt (thank goodness), and after pushing through a few contractions Whitney was born...officially 12 minutes after Walt. It felt so good to push. The nurses layed Whitney on my chest and I got to cuddle her for 5-10 minutes. I looked over at Alex with wide eyes and said, "Oh my gosh, can you believe I just delivered them naturally!?" Alex just laughed.  Thank goodness it was so quick, because it was extremely painful. I then delivered two placentas and had a second degree tear stitched up.

The moments after Whitney was born

Walt weighed 5lb 1oz. and Whitney weighted 5lb. 6oz. I don't remember their height, but they were both healthy and didn't have to spend any time in the NICU. A few hours after their birth, we headed to the recovery room where I spent 2 days. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the hospital. The nurses were great, the food was good (I lived off of Chicken Fried Steak and French Toast), and the 3 hours of sleep in between feedings was amazing. I brought a bag full of clothes, but literally wore a hospital gown the entire time. I was not about to stain my own clothes.  I headed home on Saturday morning and had a house full of people...seriously, there were 9 adults, Turner and 2 babies. I was a TAD overwhelmed to say the least. My mom spent 3 full weeks with me, and I went home numerous times for almost 2 months to get extra help. My in-laws took Turner for a whole week on two separate occasions to give Alex and I some relief since Turner is very needy. After almost 8 weeks, I think I'm finally getting comfortable taking care of both babies by myself, but it is EXTREMELY difficult.

Heading home
I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. I'm thankful for a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth of Walt & Whitney! I really enjoyed being pregnant, and am sad to say goodbye to it, but I'm officially done having babies (really, Alex had a vasectomy a month after they were born).

** If you want to hear my birth story come straight from my mouth, you can LISTEN HERE on the Birth Hour podcast.**


Lindsay Collins said...

I listened to your podcast episode on The Birth Hour, and was just amazed at what a BAMF you are. For real.

alonepear said...

Thank you for sharing!! I'm expecting twin boys in the next few weeks, with a 3 year old already, and really enjoy following your blog and instagram :) You are one strong momma!

alonepear said...

Thank you for sharing!! I'm expecting twin boys in the next few weeks, with a 3 year old already, and really enjoy following your blog and instagram :) You are one strong momma!

Rasal Khan said...

have a nice family

Ashley Hollister said...

This story made me cringe and smile at the same time. You go mama! Your babies (including turner!) are all adorable. Sending you lots of love, blessings, and patience! ❤️

marta said...

With my child, I chose at an opportune time I would start giving birth actually, would in any case get an epidural yet not until I totally required it. Thus, when at 36 weeks after a long, exciting Memorial Day weekend, and a few pulled stomach muscles, I began contracting and didn't stop for a considerable length of time: I thought this is it! My stomach was rock strong, spastic and the agony - awful.

William Braylen said...

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FreshBabyGear said...

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Elizabeth smith said...

Looking at your family happy. Congratulations, add new members. Good luck

Veronica said...

Now you have a complete and happy family. Nice pictures of your family. Best of luck.

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