Turner's Bunk Bed

Turner went to stay with my parents last week, and on a whim Alex and I decided to surprise him with a bunk bed when he returned. The bunk bed adds extra space for guests, which we have often. We chose this simple IKEA bunk bed. It's sturdy, and I like that the ladder doesn't take up any extra space. I would prefer it to be white or a bright color since my walls are gray (maybe I'll spray paint it one day).

Turner loved it, and immediately crawled the ladder to the top. When it came to decorating, I found these cloud sheets online from Target for $18 and fell in love. The sheet set came with a flat sheet, but I won't use it until we have guests. It's a pain to make the bed, so Turner will just use his quilt. Most nights he ends up sleeping with a blanket from our living room anyway.

Bunk bed

banana quiltIkea Bunk bedsBunk Bed
Bunk Bed

Source List: 

Bunk Bed: IKEA | Cloud Sheets: Target | Banana Quilt: Handmade by Great Grandma | Metal "T": Thrifted | White Metal Basket: Target | Wall Paint: Sherwin-Williams Passive


Curly Girl Confessions said...

How old is he? Did you have a hard time transitioning him? I want to move our son to a 'big boy' bed so badly because I wonder every single day if he would sleep better!!! Any advice on the whole topic of crib to big bed? :) I love that bed and the sheets!

Jesse Coulter said...

He's 3 1/2. We transitioned him to a twin bed when he turned 3 and he did great. We just got home excited about it by taking him to target to buy a new pillow/stuffed animal.