How To Stage the Perfect Baby Milestone Photo

As a mom who knows how fast time flies when raising a child, I want to capture every moment and every month my babies grow. And as a lover of blogging and Instagram, I've learned how to take simple yet fun baby photos. When I look back on their milestone photos, I absolutely love seeing their physical transformation (as sad as it is to see them grow). Today I want to share with you how I stage the perfect photo, and all of these photos were taken with my iPhone.  This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

How to stage a baby milestone photo


Lighting, lighting, lighting! The key to a great photo is all about natural light. My house doesn't have great natural light, so I usually take my babies outside on my deck to shoot or I put them right next to the largest window in our living room when the sun is shining in. I'm by no means a photographer (I use my phone most of the time), but I would recommend brightening your photos after you've taken them. I use the edit tool on my Mac (no fancy camera or photo editing skills needed).

twin photography
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twin photography


 A few months before my twins were born, I was at Walmart and found a white faux fur rug for less than $20. I use that for all of my photos. Some people use rugs, blankets or bedding. When my babies outgrow the rug, I've thought about purchasing some fabric and creating a larger backdrop (much cheaper than actually buying a rug). You want a very simple backdrop that doesn't drown out your baby or clash with their outfit. A baby chair is also a great place to set up. If the chair isn't neutral enough, toss a blanket over it.

twin photographytwin photography


I have an absolute blast finding cute coordinating outfits for Walt and Whitney. Stick with simple outfits that don't distract from your baby's face. Carter's has introduced a new collection called Little Baby Basics. All styles are soft, high quality, stylish and easy to dress your baby! Walt and Whit are wearing all Little Baby Basics outfits in this post.

twin photographytwin photographytwin photography
twin photography
twin photography
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Some people take weekly photos, but I'm not that ambitious. Whether you choose to document every month or week, it's fun to add in a way to track their growth.  Milestone cards are super easy to use and don't take any effort! I've also seen people use baby blocks, flowers, and even apps that add graphics to the photo.

twin photography
twin photography
twin photography
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After you've taken a year of photos, don't forget to print them out! My favorite way to capture all the moments is to print off a hardcover book right after their 1st Birthday. I hope these tips help you and below you can find a coupon code for your next purchase at Carter's.

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Holly said...

They are so adorable! Excellent tips- I've got a cute, simple rug ready for our twins' nursery and hoping to use their chalkboard wall when they can sit up! Can't wait to start recording these little babies in the real world :)