Walt & Whitney - 5 Months

Every month we hit with these babies is a huge milestone and accomplishment to me. FIVE months Alex and I have survived raising twins + a toddler. That may sound dramatic, but it's how I feel.

Life lately: 

  • Sleep deprivation and going back in to the office every day has been a killer this month. I'm back to about 5-6 hours of broken up sleep a night. It's times like these I wish I drank coffee!
  • Here's an interesting fact, Alex and I haven't had to buy formula or diapers YET! We bought a few cans of special formula when Whitney was super gassy, but other than that we have been gifted formula that has lasted us until this point. It's been through coupons and samples from our pediatrician. We have been tons of diapers and wipes from family!
  • Alex has been super great about watching the kids when I've had an event to attend. Watching all three is VERY hard....you've got to be ready for lots of crying, fussing from Turner, and never a moment to yourself. I'm extremely thankful for his support of my hobbies and blog.
Twin blog: 5 months
 I love these outfits by Fine Little Fits! They really are the perfect pear : ) Bow by Baby Bling Bows
  • Sleep is NOT good right now for Walt. We unswaddled him and he's been sleeping in a Zipadee Zip (hand me down from a friend) on his stomach in his crib. He wakes every 3-4 hours and most of the time we feed him.
  • Whitney on the other hand is my golden child who sleeps through the night swaddled. Thank goodness I have at least one baby that sleeps. Whitney is back in the rock n' play in our master closet, because I sleep in the guest bedroom where her crib is.  I sleep in there because Alex and I do not sleep well together right now with Walt waking up so much. If one gets up, we're usually both up.
  • I unswaddled Whitney one night and put her in a sleep sack on her stomach in her crib. After she woke up 3 times hour after hour, I said "Screw this!" and swaddled her back up. She rolls over and over and wakes herself up. My goal is to have Walt sleeping better before I unswaddle her. I worry about her rolling over in her swaddle, but honestly she sleeps so hard in that thing, and if she does rustle around we can hear her. 
Twin blog: 5 months
  • Walt was super fussy a few weeks ago, and then I felt TWO teeth! His bottom front teeth had come in...so stinkin' cute.
  • Insurance finally approved Walt's helmet. He was fitted last week, and will likely be getting it this week. He will likely have to wear it for 5-6 months.
  • Walt had his second laser treatment on his nose. It's not necessarily shrinking, but it's not getting any bigger and the pigment is not so bright red. 
  • I've noticed that Whitney inherited my skin, as in she's super pale and sensitive to everything. She gets heat rashes all the time, which I still do as an adult.
  • Both are drinking 6 oz. every 3-4 hours. Walt eats much more frequently than Whitney (2 times more in the night). 
  • I think we will start introducing some foods this month. 
Twin blog: 5 months, baby bling bows
  • Clothing - 3-6 months, Carter's 6-9 months
  • Diapers - Size 3 Huggies
  • Soft toys - they are finally able to grab toys with their hands and put them in their mouths.
  • Swimming - we took them to the pool during Memorial Day weekend and they both loved it. I was that parent that forgot baby hats and floats.
  • Bumbo - I never had a bumbo with Turner, but they are super handy with twins!
  • Being laid down on their backs. Whitney is always trying to sit up, and Walt enjoys playing on his tummy. 
Twin blog: 5 months
 Fun Facts:
  • Walt:
    • Can not STOP moving...in his sleep and while he's awake. I'm a bit scared to see what kind of toddler he'll be.
    • Walt can roll from his stomach to back, and is sooo close to rolling from back to stomach. His head gets in the way ; )
  • Whitney: 
    • She doesn't coo at all, but LOVES to growl. Peek-a-boo makes her giggle.
    • Will roll across the floor if I let her. She's very strong, and is always wanting to stand up or plank. I have a feeling she will be crawling very soon


Unknown said...

What brand of formula do you use? I'm a Mom to one month old boy/girl twins and always looking for one that offers coupons!!

kelsey williams said...

Love your updates! Five months is such an accomplishment. And what a blessing that you haven't had to buy diapers or formula yet! I love how honest you are about your sleeping arrangements...I think there is a stigma against people saying they don't sleep in the same bed, but I think it happens a lot more often than people think! And I hope Walt starts sleeping better very soon!

Val said...

I came across your instagram and am now a blog reader as well, and I have to say I adore your twin life updates! I'm trucking along with 9 week old twin boys & a 3.5 year old daughter, and find your posts so interesting & relatable. Kudos to your hubby for watching 3 at once-- I struggle to do so currently, and my hubs is too nervous to try so far. Sounds like sleep will be an ever evolving challenge with these guys!

Jesse Coulter said...

We use Enfamil formula...lots of coupons for the premade formula which we use when we travel!

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Val! I appreciate you reading...and yes, my husband is brave when watching all 3 ( I hate doing it).

marta said...

It is truly amazing just how much a baby grows and learns the first year of his life. Those 1st couple of months see great change. The second month of one's baby's life is enjoyable since you each have discovered so much about each other and now you start really savoring viewing your infant grow.