The Perfect Family Photo Outfit

I have a secret for moms out there with small children when taking family photos. Wear jeans! You will be bending over, swinging, squatting, lifting and playing. You will be doing a lot of sitting...sitting on beds, sitting on blankets, sitting on chairs, sitting on benches. You get it, lots of sitting! Unless you're wearing a long dress or shorts, I've found that jeans are the easiest for photos. Or if you hate jeans, pants are an option. The darker the pants/jeans the more slimming they will be. Instead of worrying about flashing the camera, you can worry about wrangling your children to smile for a dang photo. Check out more tips about family photo outfits below!

Last weekend Laura Morsman shot Walt and Whitney for their 6 month photos (I jumped in a few). I bought this peplum top from Target because it was neutral yet had a bit of personality to it. For photos you don't want to be too loud or wear anything with a bold print. I want crisp, fresh and simple so the focus goes to our faces and not our outfits. For timeless photos keep it simple. If you are a blogger you can use these photos for head shots, Facebook/Twitter cover photos or blog posts.

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