Walt & Whitney - 6 Months

SIX MONTHS! We've made it halfway, hallelujah! Time has not flown by...it's slooowwwlllyyy krept by BUT we are happy, alive and grateful. 

Life lately: 
  • Sleep deprivation is still a very real struggle due to Walt waking up at least twice a night.
  • We started buying diapers and formula this month and WHOA! Talk about a budget buster. Our new phrase might be, "Put it on the credit card."... kidding and kind of not kidding.
  • Work and planning my local blogger event has kept me VERY busy, and by Tuesday of every week I feel like it should be Friday. Most nights I don't get to bed till around 11pm, and I'm passed out in less than a minute. 
  • I'm so excited to have 6 month photos of the babies taken by my good friend and Austin photographer, Laura Morsman, next weekend!
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  • Eh...I don't want to talk about it. Thank goodness God gave me one good sleeping baby. Who ever said girls sleep better than boys was right!
  • I'm terrified to take Whitney out of her swaddle, because in the past she's slept horrible without it. I know the transition needs to happen ASAP...BUT she sleeps soooooo good swaddled in her Rock n' Play (the thought in my head every night).
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Onesies: Old Navy. Leather Bow: Little Poppy Co.
    • We've made lots of trips to doctor this month (sickness, helmet appointments, laser treatments, etc). Thank goodness for health insurance.
    • Walt had an ear infection, and we had to take him to the urgent clinic twice in one day because he was coughing and weezing so bad he didn't nap all day. They prescribed him antibiotics, a steroid and did a breathing treatment.
    • Walt has been wearing his helmet for almost a month, and will likely have it on for 3 more months. He doesn't seem to mind it except when he's trying to go to sleep.
    • Whitney had a UTI a few weeks ago, and this week I took her to get an ultrasound on her kidneys to make sure everything was ok. Thankfully kidneys are great.
    • Drinking 6-7 oz. every 3-4 hours. We are using any off brand formula of Enfamil Infant.
    • We introduced foods this month! I try to feed them at night in their Bumbos while we're making dinner, but many nights I forget or the timing isn't right.
      Baby style, twins, boy girl twins, twin mom, twin blog, twin parenting

      • Clothing - Whitney 3-6 months, Walt 9-12 months
      • Diapers - Size 3 Huggies
      • Playing in their bouncer and walker. We have this bouncer and recently bought this walker, and they are LIFESAVERS! They loved their play gym, but are too mobile now.
      • Baby Bjorn - Carrying around the babies in the baby bjorn is simply a MUST when we are trying to cook dinner, clean house, or do anything outside with Turner.
      • When I pick one up and not the other
        Twin blog, twin parenting, boy girl twins

         Fun Facts:
        • Walt:
          • Can roll over both ways, and is trying his best to sit up on his own. He's also making an attempt at crawling. 
        • Whitney: 
          •  Will smile at the drop of a hat, and oh my goodness her grin just kills me.
          • Can sit up by herself, and when she's on the ground she's usually on all fours trying to crawl. I'm sure at the end of this month, I'll be in BIG trouble....two crawling babies.

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        kelsey williams said...

        So cute! They look the same size - I can't believe they wear such different sizes!