Kids Style: My Second Hand Secret

As a lover of fashion, I also enjoy dressing up my kiddos. I've learned over the past few years that buying second hand is a game changer when it comes to my budget. I've been able to buy and sell clothes using thredUP and it has saved me a ton! When I go shopping on their site, I choose my favorite brands to search through...usually Gap, Old Navy, Mini Boden and Carter's. Everything I've ever ordered has been super high quality, so I know I'm getting a great deal.

Sell & Buy Clothing using thredUP, Kid's fashion, second hand clothing

I discovered thredUP over a year ago and immediately became obsessed when I found out how easy their buying/selling process went. I thoroughly dislike trying to sell to local second hand stores because I walk in thinking I've got some amazing items and 3 hours later they offer me $5. Uhhh....what?! thredUp's selling process is extremely simple.

1.) Request a clean out bag. It's FREE!

2.) Fill the bag up with your items (shoes, purses, scarves, and other accessories accepted as well). They accept women's, maternity and kids clothing.

3.) Decide if you want to donate or keep any items they don't purchase.

3.) Give the filled bag to your mail carrier or take it Fed Ex. Either way the bag ships for FREE using the pre-paid shipping label. 

4.) thredUP will make you an offer, and you can decide to either cash out through PayPal, use as store credit or donate to a good cause.

I recently spent less than $100 on clothing and shoes for my kiddos, and I got all these items above and a few more not pictured! Talk about a good deal AND some stylish kiddos. First time users can use the code GAP50 to receive 50% off any Gap items. Check them out here!

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