30 Ways To Celebrate Your 30th Birthday!

My 30th birthday is quickly approaching (Oct. 24), and I've been thinking about how I want to celebrate. Here are 30 FUN ideas I've come up with! If your over 30, how did you celebrate?

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1. Spend the day at the spa. Include your friends and make it a spa party or make it more intimate and bring your significant other. 
2. Skydive - I REALLY really want to do this, but a part of me is feeling a bit of mom guilt. What if something happened to me? Have you done this?!
3. Head out of the Country - take a week off and head somewhere tropical or a place you've always dreamed of going. If I could afford it I would be going to Greece or the Virgin Islands.
4. Get a tattoo.
5. Party like you don't feel 30 ; ). Hit up some of your favorite bars with your friends and dance the night away.
6. Go on a shopping spree - spoil yourself and treat yo' self to whatever the heck you want (ok, maybe set a budget).
7. Take a staycation - If you live in a big city, head to a hotel you've been wanting to stay at and explore sites and restaurants of the city you've never been able to.
8. Go Rollerskating - This is on the top of my list. Have an 80's themed rollerskating party at a local skating rink. Invite kids too or make it ADULTS ONLY!
9. Play Laser Tag - Head to an arcade and play some old school games, laser tag and if you're lucky get in some Dance Dance Revolution!
10. Get a makeover - you might be ready for a change! Get a new hairstyle, have your makeup done and have them give you a tutorial on how to do it yourself, buy a new outfit.
11. Have a photo shoot - capture yourself in this moment of your life. Lifestyle shoot, family photos or maybe even budiour.
12. Have your fortune told.
13. Save up and buy yourself something you've always wanted.
 14. Rent a party bus or limo and take your closest friends out on the town.
15. Volunteer - nothing makes you feel more wonderful than helping others. Do you ever get super sad on your birthday? Turn your mood around and focus on someone other than yourself.

16. Host a brunch...or have someone host it for you ; )

17. Read your old diaries or journals if you have them. I absolutely LOVE reading through my old journals. I've written in one since I was about 11 years old...oh man, my junior high diaries are hilarious!

18.  Go to an amusement park and ride all the rides you rode as a kid.

19. Go on a Pub Crawl with friends.

20. Karaoke...enough said!

21. Explore the U.S. - Take an weekend trip to an unknown U.S. destination. Head to the airport with no destination in mind, and hop on whatever flight looks appealing! Could you do this? I think I'm too much of a planner to try this.

22. Go Wine Tasting

23. Eat as much cake as you want. Buy any and every dessert you crave and don't feel guilty about eating any of it!

24. Go to a concert or music festival.

25. Have a Slumber Party - invite your girlfriends over for a good ole fashioned sleep over. Put on face masks, paint your toes, watch a chick flick and enjoy a night chatting away.

26. Take a cooking class.

27. Dine at a fancy restaurant with your closet family and friends.

28. Adopt a pet.

29. Write thank you letters to those you dearly love.

30. Be Thankful - Reminisce over the past 30 years. What you've seen, experienced, who you've loved. Life is never perfect, but remember in those painful and trying times in life, what you learned and how you grew. Look at where you are now! If you aren't the version of yourself you would like to see, write out your future goals!
As much as I would love a surprise birthday party, it will never happen because I'm way too much of a planner. As much as I would love a tropical getaway, it won't happen because lack of money and too many babies. After throwing around all 30 of these options, I've decided to take a weekend getaway with Alex to Houston for a few days. We'll be staying at Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE and spending lots of time eating, shopping and relaxing. 

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