Walt & Whitney - 7 Months

Happy 7 months Walton and Whitney! This past month has been HUGE for development. They have changed so much, and are starting to interact with Turner, Alex and I much more.

Life lately:
  • I've started getting rid of baby items that we no longer use - Twin z pillow, Rock n' play, Bumbos and lots of clothes. I feel like they are growing much faster than Turner did and going through outfits like crazy. I've been buying mostly second hand, but if I see a cute outfit that has a coordinating color like the onesies below, then I immediately buy them because....TWINS!
  • My social schedule has calmed down this summer, so most nights I'm at home. Sometimes Alex and I are lucky enough to eat a hot dinner together.
  • We had 6 month photos taken with Laura Morsman and even though I forgot their outfits they turned out adorable! See the full post here.
Outfits: Aden and Anais. Bow: Little Poppy Co.

  •  I wrote last month about my struggle with sleep deprivation, but my body is now used to waking up once a night...twice, that hurts. Yes, I yawn a lot during the day, but I would probably still yawn even if I got a full night's rest.
  • We did it! We finally unswaddled Whitney and moved her to her crib which is in a seperate room. The first couple of nights were rough with her waking every 2 hours. Thankfully, it quickly passed and now she sleeps ALL night. She sleeps in a zip-a-dee, and will also keep a pacifier in her mouth most of the night. 
  • I'm thankful to have a 4 bedroom house, because each kid gets their own room right now. We'll likely put Turner and Walt in the same room, so we can utilize one room as a guest bedroom. We have a twin bed in Whitney's room for guests now, and a bunk bed in Turner's room. 
  • Walt is my non-sleeper, but he talks to me when I feed him in the middle of the night so I forgive him ; ) He wears a sleep sack to bed and does not take a pacifier. 
  • There have been a few times when I've thought about taking them to the doctor for ear infections, but both have been teething like crazy. 
  • Walt has three new teeth! In total that makes three on the bottom and two on top. I made the mistake of putting my finger in his mouth the other day, and he bit down and broke my skin...ouch! They are freaking sharp.
  • Walt continues to wear his helmet, but his head hasn't grown much so not sure how many more months he'll need to wear it. 
  • Drinking 6 oz. every 3-4 hours. We are using off brand formula of Enfamil Infant.
  • They eat pureed baby food twice a day. Once at daycare for lunch and then at home for dinner. I'm not going to lie, many nights it's so crazy that I forget. I will be the first to admit that I don't make my own baby food. I don't have time and I don't mind spending the money on it if it saves me some stress. 
  • Clothing - Whitney 6-9 months, Walt 9-12 months
  • Diapers - Size 3 Huggies
  • Both babies began sitting up on their own the first week they turned 6 months, and now Whitney is crawling. Walt can scoot his way across the floor, but hasn't perfected it.  
  • Crawling all over me. When I pick them up from daycare I lay on the floor while they crawl on top of me. It's fun to finally start to play with them. 
  • Grass - I enjoy taking them out in the yard at night when it's cooled down. They can't take their eyes off the grass, and of course try to eat it.
  • Whitney is constantly trying to climb on top of Walt, and he isn't a fan. I have a feeling she's going to be the bossy one (see photo below).
 Fun Facts:
  • Walt:
    • Makes the funniest noises. He moans, groans, cackles and giggles. Alex and I were a bit worried about his development when he was younger, because he would never make eye contact with us.
    • Laughs and smiles the second Turner walks in to the room.
  • Whitney: 
    • Is the most quiet and observant child. Her and Walt are like night and day when it comes to personalities. When Walt eats there is food EVERYWHERE. Whitney is the exact opposite. She never gets food on her and is extremely patient.

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