Moving On + New Job

When Turner was 4 months old I joined State Farm as an auto claim rep. I trained for many months to become a licensed adjuster, and learned a ton about insurance, cars and investigating accidents. My goal was to join the marketing department, and about a year and a half later I did as the Marketing Coordinator on the Customer Strategy Team. Over the years I've met some amazing people, had some insane claim experiences, traveled quite a bit to Bloomington, Illinois (State Farm's headquarters), and learned a lot about myself.

Going from a start up like Republic Tequila (which was my first job in Austin) to an extremely large corporation was eye opening. I learned that each type of company, small or large, have their pros and cons. It was hard saying goodbye to State Farm as it was a very comfortable and stable job, but I desired to move up and to be honest the competition was extremely tough. I applied and interviewed numerous times over the past year with no luck. Some roles over 700 people applied!

I realized that I had to start looking outside of State Farm. I desperately wanted to use my skill sets more, and began slowly job hunting (which can feel like a full time job at times). I used Indeed, and loved receiving notifications when new roles in my area were posted. I applied and interviewed many times, before one opportunity stood out. I've accepted a position at Big Red, Inc. as the Associate Marketing Manager for XYIENCE, an energy drink owned by Big Red. If you haven't heard of Big Red, well you're probably not from Texas or the south. It's a soda that goes great with tacos and BBQ!

I'll have more of a commute and less flexibility, so this will put a bit more stress on our family but I'm looking forward to the opportunity!


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Congrats! I'd love to hear more about it! I don't drink energy drinks but I'd like to find out more about it!

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Congrats on the new job!