I Started a YouTube Channel!

It's official! I'm a YouTuber. It's taken me years to pull the trigger, but thanks to Alex, my blogging buddy Erica and some inspiring women I decided to take the plunge. A few months back Alex tried to talk me in to it but I was hesitant with all that was going on in my life (new job + baby twins)...however it seemed like the message was not going away. I would listen to podcasts or friends talk about blogging, seizing the day, business owning, chasing after dreams and for some reason YouTube kept coming back to me. I finally got tired of making excuses and did it, and I'm so glad I did. Alex is a huge YouTube fan and willingly volunteered to do the editing (which takes up the most time), so I'm thankful to partner with him on this. I can't wait to talk with you about the things I love...fashion, motherhood, travel, home decor and more! There will be lots of dancing and outtakes. I'm hoping to post once a week, so please subscribe and follow along!

Are you a YouTube fan? What types of videos do you enjoy watching?!

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