Day at the Splash Pad

Last weekend we took all three kiddos to downtown Round Rock's splash pad. It was Walt and Whitney's first time, and it was such a joy to watch them experience it. Check out more adorable photos plus links to my favorite swimsuits for kids!

Walt and Whitney may be twins but their personalities couldn't be more opposite. As soon as I put Whitney on the ground she ran as fast as she could to the water. Walt on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it. He clinged to Alex like a monkey wrapping his legs around Alex's chest tightly. 

Splash pads are LIFESAVERS when it comes to twin parenting! Turner can't swim, so I would have three kiddos that could possibly drown if I took them to the pool and that is way too stressful. I doubt I will be taking the babies to the pool for a long time, or maybe one at a time. 

If you haven't noticed my kids are pale....extremely pale. Whitney has red hair and blue eyes. She's just waiting for a bad sunburn. Even since Turner was a baby I've bought rash guard swimsuits for my kids because it's so much easier to protect their skin. Tea Collection by far has the cutest options and a large selection of patterns and colors! You can find Walt's swimsuit here and Whitney's here.

My neighbor, Vanessa, joined us and brought 2 of her youngest children. How freaking cute is she though? Talk about mom style goals.  

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