Dressing Boy/Girl Twins

Raising twins is TOUGH, but they are many aspects that are FUN! Such as dressing them in coordinating outfits. Hanna Andersson has been one of my favorite brands to find adorable and colorful pieces, and I'm excited to partner with them today to announce their new BRIGHT KIDS BASICS line!

As a full-time working mom, mornings are crazy so having mix and match outfits I can easily throw on my twins is extremely helpful.  It's also helpful for Alex when he gets them dressed, because they'll always end up sort of matching which is tough to do for most dads. I love dressing them in BRIGHT pieces that I can interchange between a boy and a girl. The variety of colors Hanna Andersson offers is my favorite. Stripes, bold patterns, and rainbows! I drool at pretty much everything, and all of their clothing is extremely high quality and soft.

If you are planning family photos or holiday outfits having, such as Christmas, solid color pieces are perfect to have on hand.  I'm already thinking of all the Halloween costumes I can create using these basic pieces!

How do you get two active babies (yes, I refuse to call them toddlers yet) to stay still for a photo? You don't. You contain them in a space and hand them a lollipop.

Whitney: Green Dress | Striped Tee | Navy Tumble Shorts | Glitter Shoes | Headband
Walt: Red Biker Shorts | Moccasins

This post was sponsored by Hanna Andersson, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

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