Weekend Memories

The past couple of months we've had quite a few weekends at home with no plans. A small part of me enjoys not having set plans, but a bigger part of me likes to have a schedule and things to do. What about you? Do you like having a weekend agenda or simply rolling with it?

I enjoy having something to look forward to and free events that entertain my kids are always nice! This weekend we had three parties on Saturday, one of them being my nephew's 3rd birthday at Austin Bouldering Project. I was AMAZED by this place. The architecture was beautiful and the area for kids was huge and extremely fun! It's a great place for a birthday party. I've also never seen so many hip and in-shape people in my life. I loved getting to spend time with family, and climb with Turner and my nieces. My brother and sis-in-law live in downtown Austin, and my sister and mom live 2 hours south. Life is short, and I want to spend as much time with them as I can.

After my nephew's party, my mom and sis took Turner back with them to my hometown for the week. I'm soooo lucky they do that, because going from 3 children to 2 children is a GAME CHANGER, plus I'm going out of town on Thursday for work.  Turner has a blast at my mom's house because he gets ride 4-wheelers and play with his 5 cousins. Later we went location scouting for a shoot, hit up Juiceland, and ended the night at my neighbor's 5th birthday party.

Sunday, Alex and I took photos of Walt and Whitney in downtown Georgetown for a collaboration. By 9am we were headed to downtown Austin to walk the Lady Bird Lake Trail. By 11am the Texas heat feels almost unbearable, so getting outside early is a must. We would have loved to eat brunch downtown, but you know....babies. The rest of the day included naps, pool time in the backyard, weed pulling, dinner at Tarka and Game of Thrones to end the night! It was a tough Sunday because Walt and Whitney both came down with some sort of bug and had terrible diarrhea every hour and were crying non stop. Walt also projectile vomited on Saturday night. I've done so many loads of laundry this weekend.

I'm ready for a new week, and hoping the babies stay healthy. I'm also excited to see Manchester United vs. Manchester City play in Houston on Thursday night. My company, XYIENCE, is the official energy drink sponsor of the International Champions Cup! Do you have any plans this week?!

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