5 Ways to Make your Girls Night Out a Success

Who here loves a good 'ole girls night out? You might be crazy if you said no, but maybe it's because you haven't experienced a great GNO in a long time. There are a few things that will make your night out so amazing it will fill up your happy tank for weeks...maybe months! I recently had a night out with three of my childhood friends at Domain Northside, and it was just what my heart needed. Spin class at SoulCycle, blowouts at Drybar and dinner and drinks to end the night at St. Genevieve.

Check out my tips below!

It's very important to surround yourself with women who are positive and enjoyable to be around. Sometimes I go out with my childhood friends, neighborhood/mom friends, blogger friends or college friends. They all have something in common. I love being around them. Life is too short to surround yourself with people who are negative and don't support you.

I think it's always fun to try something new with friends. Sharing in a new experience such as karaoke, roller skating, working out or a cooking class brings you closer together. My girlfriends and I planned a night out together and we started it off with a SoulCycle spin class at the Domain! Talk about fun! We sweat together, danced together and pushed ourselves together. It felt amazing, and working out with friends makes the time fly. After class we showered, put on makeup, and headed to Drybar for blowouts. We felt pampered as we chatted, had our hair done, and sipped on champagne.

For moms, the last thing you want to do during a night out is worry about your kids at home. If possible, try to schedule your night out weeks in advance so your spouse is prepared. I make sure to put it on my iPhone calendar and invite my husband so he knows it's important. Sometimes I will schedule a dinner or night out later in the evening so I can put my kids in bed or at least get them ready.

Let's be honest. A night out with your girls is a time to chat. It's a time to share your heart, and if you've surrounded yourself with positive women you can trust it won't be hard to do. Share your struggles and encourage each other. Celebrate good news, and bitch about the bad news.

Pick restaurant or bar that has a great ambience as well as delicious food and drinks! There is nothing better than a meal and cocktail UNINTERRUPTED by kids. Don't go to a restaurant you take your kids to, because this night is NOT about your kids. It's about you! Domain Northside is where I go most often when I meet up with friends, because it has a little bit of everything. Shopping, restaurants, bars, work out classes and more.

 St. Genevieve has the perfect atmosphere for a night out with friends or even a date night! My friends and I shared the brussel sprouts, hummus and guacamole, artisanal meat and cheese plate, spicy Spanish meatballs, and the Mumbai fried chicken. Holy smokes everything was delicious! My favorite cocktail was the Chignon (silver tequila, fresh lime, agave, seeded jalapeno, fresh ginger, topped with ginger beer).

Photos by Brandon Sandler

With all that to say, I hope you take some time for yourself and have a night out with friends. Put it on the calendar once a month or every few months if you can!

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