Walt and Whitney | 18 Months

I haven't shared a monthly update on Walt and Whitney since they were ONE, so I thought I would share an 18 month update! These two are turning in to toddlers, and I'm happy and sad at the same time. At what age do start calling your baby a toddler?

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- Life hasn't calmed down since they were babies. Their needs are different, but it's still just as stressful. They are in the stage where they can't talk but they want to communicate and get frustrated very easily. 5-7 pm is still the toughest time of my day. They want to be held constantly, and are always fussing over something. I will say that one thing has changed and that's being able to sleep 6-7 hours in a row which is a GAME CHANGER! Most nights I wake up at least once to Turner waking me up or one of them crying, but they usually go back to sleep.

- Is it too early to start thinking about their Halloween costume because I already am! This will likely be my last year where I can pick out their costumes so I need to go big! Any ideas?

- People ask me how I stay in shape. Umm...carry around a 25 pound weight in each arm and do continuous squats and curls and you'll get in to shape pretty easily ; )


- I should be a part owner of Urgent Care for Kids, because I have spent SOOO much money there the past few months. Walt had two rounds of strep throat, both of them got the stomach bug and were puking EVERYWHERE, and recently they were running a fever and we took the whole family but it was viral. Alex got shingles last week so I was freaking out, but they have had their chicken pox vaccination.

- I wonder if they are ever NOT teething, because it seems constant. Walt pretty much has all his teeth but 2, and Whitney has about 8 back teeth to go. 


- Can someone please tell me how I can get these two to SIT in their high chairs! Every night at dinner it's a CONSTANT battle to get them to sit still for more than one minute and eat. They cry, scream and try to stand up. If I let them walk around and put the food on a chair and let them walk up to it, they immediately eat. What the heck do I do? I'm honestly thinking of buying a kid's table from IKEA and having them eat there. 

- Some days they are pickier than others. I never know what mood they will be in, and there are many nights they refuse to eat. I usually end up giving them cereal, fruit and/or a NurturMe pouch.


- Clothing: 18 - 24 months

- Diapers: Size 4 Huggies

- Weight: Both weigh around 24-23 pounds, but Walt feels much heavier. 

- Speech: Favorite words include NO, shoe, please, elmo, nurner (aka Turner), mama, dada

Trying to take pictures of two 18 months olds is RIDICULOUS, especially in the Texas heat. This is my attempt at getting them to sit still on the bench for a photo.  When I consider a collaboration that involves the twins, I think "IS THIS WORTH IT?!"


- Bedtime is around 7:30/8pm, although I wish it was MUCH earlier. They used to go to bed around 6:30/7, but recently have been wanting to stay up later. This mama NEEDS her alone time at night! Because their bedtime has started to get later, my bedtime has been pushed back as well. I find myself going to bed around 11pm or later. 

- I give them a sippy cup with milk at bedtime and their favorite baby blanket. Whitney still sucks on a pacifier. Walt has never wanted one.

- They are still sleeping in separate rooms and have a sound machine which plays white noise or the ocean. 

- They have dropped their morning nap this month, and usually nap from 12:30 - 2:30pm. Their daycare has them both sleeping on mats on the floor. How they do it I have NO idea! 


- Watching Little Baby Bum on Netflix. I'm going to call this show a gift from God, because it has saved my sanity more times than I can count. 

- Reading books AKA throwing books. 

- Swimming

- Following our neighbor's cat around in the yard


- Sitting in a chair for more than 10 seconds. Eating out feels impossible. 

- Not holding them. They are so stinkin' spoiled. 

I love these two so much! Even though I'm stressed and tired, I am so full of joy. Just when I feel like I can't handle another minute of the chaos, they will smile or giggle and all will be right again. I wish my Dad could be here to see them grow up. God gave me a sassy red headed girl, and a sweet curly headed boy.

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