Shopping Challenge | September Purchase

I'm in month 3 of my 6 month shopping challenge! If you aren't aware, I'm challenging myself to only purchase one item of clothing every month till December 31 (that includes shoes and accessories). Read more about my challenge here.

In August I asked you to give me your thoughts and opinions about what my purchase should be, and I got great feedback from you. Thank you! I ended up not buying anything from the post and on a whim purchased THIS AMAZING JUMPSUIT. It was more than I planned on spending, but it fit perfectly and was unique. A month later, I can say I've only worn it once and it probably wasn't the best decision because I really can't mix and match it. However, I do still love it!

For the month of September I've rounded up my top picks! I really love ALL of them, but I will likely be making a practical purchase this month. I dress very casual at work so jeans and tees are usually the way to go.

1. Short Sleeve Striped Sweater ($50)

2. High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans ($128)

3. Boyfriend Pocket Tee ($13) I have this exact shirt in two different colors, but I wear them both once a week.

4. Scorpio Tee ($36) My birthday is October 24 therefore I am a Scorpio. Yep, I'm crazy but a great friend! Check out Jcrew's adorable line of horoscope tees HERE!

5. Neutral New Balance Sneakers ($85) I have a pair of bright green New Balance and wear them quite a bit. I love this neutral color and would be able to pair it with a lot of fall outfits.

6. Striped Two In One Top ($50)

7. Striped Doubleknit Belted Cardigan ($80)

8. High Rise Jegging ($70) I'm getting a bit tired of wearing jeans every day, so this would be a fun option to style.

9. Vintage Crew Sweatshirt ($30) I tried this on in store and it was SO comfy! It also comes in light pink.

Tell me...what do you love? What item should I purchase, and how can I style it to get most use of out it?


Denise said...

5, 6 or 7! Yessss

Ms.Rosie D said...

5 or 8. Great pieces you could wear all the time.

Unknown said...

6, 7, or 8. Seems like any would be a great addition!

EbethFielder said...

I love this concept. I think I would pick 2,7 or 8.

Lisa Lynne said...

#6. The $ amounts are so varied. Is there a reason why you don't go with a certain $ amt per month vs one item?