I'm celebrating 31 years of life today! I'm extremely grateful for my health, family and friends. Last year on my 30th birthday my Dad didn't call me, and I was pretty upset. He texted me a couple of days later and apologized, which I forgave him of course. I told him no matter how old I am I always want to talk to my parents on my birthday. I so wish I could celebrate one more year of life with him. His passing has made me very congnicent of our limited time here on earth. Spend as much time with the ones you love, and don't live in fear.

In today's post I'm sharing 31 facts about me!

1. I was born in Austin and raised in Pleasanton, TX for 18 years.

2. My first vehicle was a white 1986 two door Isuzu Trooper. It was stick shift, had sliding glass windows, a tire on the back, and didn't go over 55 mph. I loved it dearly, and was in numerous fender benders in it. It was a good idea my mom and dad got me a beater.

3. I was voted homecoming queen, class clown and most class spirit. I seriously LOVED high school!

4. I wanted to go to a German speaking country for my 1 year study abroad program after high school, but the spaces were taken so I had to choose between Poland and Chile. I chose Poland because it was in Europe.

5. I met Alex, my husband, our freshmen year of college, but didn't get to know him really well till our sophomore year when we studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria for a semester.

6. I miss riding horses, but don't know when I will ever ride one again.

7. The best concert I've ever been to is Coldplay. A few other concerts I've attended include; George Strait, David Crowder, Randy Rogers, Garth Brooks, Paramore, Blue October, Josh Turner, Switch Foot, Jewel, Kenny Chesney, Mute Math, Keith Urban, Brooks & Dunn, Hillsong United.

8. I love sweet pickles, and enjoy sour pickle snow cones. My dad was obsessed with pickle juice, and told me that if he could have a water fountain replaced with anything it would be pickle juice...haha!

9. My number one travel destination on my bucket list is Australia. My Aussie friend Jessie, who was an exchange student that lived with me in TX, has opened her home to my family and I. We just need to save the money and go!

10. I love stinky cheese. The more potent the better!

11. I've broken my left arm twice and my wright wrist all playing sports.

12. I had very short hair as a kid (halle barry short). I had to get my ears pierced when I was in third grade because everyone thought I was a boy.

13. My favorite movies include Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer and Happy Gilmore. My husband hasn't seen any of them, and he doesn't understand half of the comments I make.

14. If I wasn't in marketing I would be a women's physical therapist. As someone who has struggled with pelvic floor dysfunction therapists are a godsend.

15. I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

16. My soul smiles when I see a couple two stepping and synchronizing perfectly with each step.

17. I once lit my hair on fire by leaning over a candle in a Mexican restaurant on the riverwalk in San Antonio.

18. My sister took me with her and her college friends to party during spring break in Padre Island when I was 15. Mom...what were you thinking? ; )

19. I HATE being cold and prefer triple digit heat. I would never live anywhere I have to shovel snow.

20. I don't like beer or wine.

21. I will drink any percentage of milk, but I prefer 2%.

22. I don't enjoy online shopping, and would much rather spend an ENTIRE day at the mall. I love touching fabrics and trying on everything.

23. I have never been to Disney World, but hope to take my kids there once in their life.

24. I don't like road trips and prefer flying.

25. My back, neck and shoulders are always tight...thanks desk job + kids. I try to get a massage every few months. I enjoy DEEP tissue massages and want it to hurt to the point I'm sore the next day. That's how I know they really got my muscle kinks out.

26. I am used to rejection when it comes to jobs. I have interviewed at least 60 times in the past few years. I have the mindset that there are brilliant and well experienced people out there in the world, and sometimes there's someone who is a better fit.

27. In college my drink of choice was an amaretto sour...yuck. True story I didn't drink till my senior year of college, because I got my party days out of me when I was in high school. On my 21st birthday I went bowling and didn't have a sip of alcohol. When I studied abroad in Austria I saved a ton of $ because I didn't drink.

28. I would choose brownies over ice cream any day.

29. The first time I flew on a plane was to Cape Cod, Massachusetts (well Rhode Island to be exact) when I was 12. My Grampa (Dad's dad) is from Massachusetts, and I still have family there.

30. I'm not adventurous when it comes to food. I don't eat most veggies, avocado, sushi and many others. Pasta and cheese are my best friends.

31. My go to karaoke song is Bad Girl by Donna Summers.

If you are a reader of my blog I truly appreciate your support, and thank you for following along my journey.

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