A Day In The Life

Ever since I became a mom of three I don't think I've stopped saying "MY LIFE IS CRAZY!" Sometimes I am extremely tired, frustrated and stressed, and moments later I can be extremely happy. I am grateful for this life and the family I have, and I pray I never take it for granted. Here's a look in to a typical week day for my family of five!

6:20am - Wake up, check my phone

6:30 - Shower

6:40 -  Style my hair and apply very minimal makeup. My children have taken and lost my blush brush so for the last week I've applied my blush with my forefinger.

6:50 - Get Walt and Whitney dressed for the day. Walt wakes up extremely happy and is usually talking to himself by 6:30. Whitney on the other hand is not a morning person. Alex helps me get them dressed, and we go back and forth getting Turner out of bed and dressed.

7:05 - Kiss my kiddos goodbye as they head to school. Alex takes the twins to an in-home daycare in our neighborhood, and then drops Turner off at school near his office. Time for me to change out of my mumu and get dressed for the day. Some days I dress very casual (holes in jeans) and some days I dress up.

7:15 - Quick run through of my house -  turn off lights and sound machines, pick up cups in cribs and wash out, make sure there is no food left out on counters for rodents..gross but true. If I'm running early I'll try to do as much cleaning as I possibly can, since I know I will have no motivation after work to do it.

7:20 - Leave for work. I only live 17 miles from my office, but it usually takes me 40-45 minutes to get there during the school year. In the summer it takes me 30 minutes. I listen to music or a podcast depending on what mood I'm in. Some days I cry all my make up off. Some days I learn about business.

8:00 - 4pm - Work, work, work, work. I enjoy getting dressed up, socializing with my co-workers, and putting my marketing skills to use. Once in a while I'll run an errand during lunch or grab a quick meal with a friend. One of the perks of my job is getting free breakfast and lunch. I'm lucky to work with one of my childhood friend's, Amy, as well as many other great people.

4pm - Rush home and try to beat the Austin traffic.

5pm - Pick up Walt and Whitney from school. For most working moms this would be the best part of their day, but I'm not exaggerating when I say the second Walt and Whit see me they immediately start whining. They want me to pick them up, and if I don't they cry. Some days I can distract them and get them to not cry but it's rare.

This is the toughest part of my day. Some nights depending on how fussy the twins are I'll prepare their dinner before Alex and Turner get home around 5:45/6. When I hear Alex walk through the door I can hear angels singing....hallelujah! Help has come! Every minute feels like forever when they are late. Once Alex is home to help, he cooks dinner while I continue to entertain kids (walks outside, playing with toys, etc.), or he'll grab the fussy one and hold them while he cooks. A few days a week Alex or I will give the twins a bath before or after dinner, especially when they are fussy and we need a break because it calms them down. After dinner and baths we get them in their jammies and play with them in the living room or sometimes outside for a bit. If all goes as planned we have them in bed around 7pm.

You might be wondering what Turner is up to during this time. He's either playing outside with his neighborhood friends, helping Alex cook, or watching a show on the iPad. As much as I hate him watching the iPad it's extremely helpful in stressful moments.

A couple of nights a week I will either go to an event or go to a work out class. I usually leave around 6:30/6:45pm which by that time babies are fed, bathed and in jammies so I don't feel terrible about leaving. Once a month Alex goes to a guy's night and doesn't come home after work. These nights suck because I have to do everything alone. Alex does the same for me when I have events that start right after work. We try hard to balance the time we spend away, because we both know how tough it is to do the nighttime routine alone.

7:30pm - Start getting Turner ready for bed. Bath, bedtime snack which includes a cheese stick and fruit, and 3 books. Our goal is to get him to sleep by 8:30. During this time I'm also picking up the kitchen from the absolute mess it has become in just a few hours.

9pm - THE BEST PART OF MY DAY. This is probably when I should call it a day and go to sleep, but this is the only quiet time I have to myself. I always have my computer on my lap, and I'll watch a show while I write/edit photographs/respond to emails.

10:30/11pm - Bedtime. Most nights I'm in bed by 10:30pm, but a few nights a week I'm up later depending on what I have going in.

There you have it folks! Time is flying by, and I'm holding on for the ride. 


Britt said...

Jesse - I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm so glad I did! This post was oddly comforting to me, a fellow working twin mom (my babies are 16 months - Josephine and Everett), as much of your typical day resonated so much with my typical day. It's really helpful to know I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing!

Jesse Coulter said...

Thank you Britt! It’s nice to have others to relate to because being a twin mom is CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. This is my day. That 9pm hour is golden. And I'm sure my son is fine all day at daycare but as soon as I pick him up it's whine, whine, whine. I feel guilty because I know I haven't seen him all day, but I can't get anything done because I have to hold him! Man, being a working mom is hard. It's nice to read similar accounts.