December Small Goals

5 out of 5 goals accomplished in November...woo hoo!!! A few things I did in November that weren't included in my goals included taking family photos, attended the Texas Conference for Women as media, did a ton of at home shoots for blog collaborations, and spent LOTS of time at various parks in Round Rock enjoying the amazing weather.

Hosted a successful event at PureBarre Round Rock, which included pizza, cupcakes, cocktails and a hard core barre work out! It takes quite a bit of work to host an event, but I really do love it. I wish I had time to plan more! See the full recap here

Hmm...not 100% sure I can cross this one off this list, because I bought a few things on a whim while shopping in November.  I bought the following; high waisted jeans, long cardigan, pink sweater, comfy lounge boots, and these AMAZING mules for less than $23! I surprisingly didn't do any shopping on Black Friday or that weekend. I would much rather shop in person than online, so I didn't get out because I was too busy watching my kids. On Cyber Monday I purchased this rainbow tee and flower tee from local shop, Daisy Natives, which I had been eyeing for almost a year! Did you do some Black Friday damage? What did you get?!

Absolutely fell in love with Charleston! The architecture, food and scenery were breathtaking. My mom, sis and I spent 4 days and 3 nights there, and had the best hotel experience at the Belmond Charleston Place. Full Charleston, SC travel guide to come! 

I decorated VERY minimally this year, and I honestly considered not putting up my Christmas tree at all. Yikes, am I already a scrooge? I've been so busy on the weekends, and I really just wanted to relax when my twins napped but instead I put up all our decorations as fast as possible. I had our tree in our living room, and after 2 days I moved it to my bedroom because Whitney would not stop ripping ornaments and ribbon off of it. It's funny because everyone is posting all these cute pics and videos of their families putting up decorations, and I'm over here like "NO ONE GET NEAR THE CHRISTMAS STUFF!" Is it just me?

I had an important presentation to give and I rocked it! Afterwards my co-worker said I must give these presentations often, to which I replied it was my first. It's nice to be proud of the work you do and for your colleagues to see the effort you put in to it. 

I have lots of big goals in December, which might be too ambitious but a lot is happening this month!

I hit 100,000 views on Walt & Whitney's Birth Story video! It's crazy how well that video did, but it is a very specific niche "natural twin birth". My second most viewed video was our anniversary trip to Mexico, and that's likely because people are researching the resort. I want to share more videos, specifically family, travel, and behind the scenes of blogging. Such as how I make money blogging and things I've learned over the years. It takes A LOT of work to film a video, and then Alex will edit it which can sometimes take weeks...months. We always seem to fight about EVERY video, which I hate so I want to avoid it. Alex doesn't like to edit the videos where I sit in my closet and ramble, haha! Wait Alex...you don't like listening to me say the same thing OVER and OVER again?! I don't blame him.

Brands are requesting much more video content, so as a blogger learning how to cut 30-60 second video content is going to be VERY important in 2018. Any types of videos you like to watch? You can subscribe to my channel here

With the holidays, it's easy to forget to plan a January birthday but TWO is coming very soon for Walt & Whitney (January 14)! I thought about doing something small at home with just the family, but then I thought they are only TWO once and there are TWO of them so we have to celebrate semi-big. Hoping to host the party at an indoor play place so I don't have to worry about decorating and clean up! 

I would love to volunteer or do some sort of act of service this Christmas season. There is a local non-profit that is asking for people to donate Christmas Boxes which are to be filled with a holiday movie or game, hot chocolate, plates, napkins, decorations, Christmas candy, and an ornament. The wrapped boxes will be given to families who are going through the Williamson Count Advocacy Center's counseling program. This center is the first place kids who have been involved in sexual abuse go, and these boxes will help them to have a happy memory during a very traumatic period of their life. I want to get the entire family involved.  

In a world of perfectly styled photos it's easy to not post a photo because it's not professionally shot. I LOVE sharing my outfits with you, and believe me it's not for the money because I make pennies. However, I would love to snap more daily outfit photos and I think a large full length mirror would help with that. However I have no idea where I will put it because my house is lit like a dungeon. I've been posting my daily outfits here and will continue to do that!  

December 14 will mark one year without my Dad. Everyday I think about him, but some days more than others. I've dreaded this day coming, but I'm trying to be open to my emotions. I'm taking off of work and driving down to my hometown to spend the day with my mom. Being close to my mother, brother and sister brings me a lot of comfort, and I want my mother to know she's not walking through this alone. 

I hope you have a joyous and "relaxing" December, and I can't wait to celebrate Christmas surrounded by my family! What will Santa bring? I've got a lot of shopping to do ; ) 

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Lisa Lynne said...

Jesse, just watching you on YouTube and on Stories, you are awesome at presentations and storytelling! Never a dull moment watching/listening to you. You hold your audience’s attention in the palm of your hand. Seriously, I’m not kidding, you are really GOOD!