Our Christmas Wish Lists

Instead of creating a holiday gift guide I would much rather share what is on my family's Christmas wish list this year! I try to stick to purchasing 4 presents per kid, and Alex and I usually exchange one gift under $100. Here's what's on our list! Not all things are intended to be purchased, but I made a large list to provide to grandparents as well. 

When I ask Walt and Whitney what they want from Santa all they say is toys. There is nothing specific they want so it makes shopping a breeze! Alex and I decided balance bikes would be their big gift this year, and I know they are going to love them.

All this kid wants is a Fat Boy BMX bike and a pair of Jordan sneakers. He rides our neighbors fat boy (yes that's what they call it) all the time, and has been obsessing over it for months. We found one on Craigslist for half the price. If you're looking for a more something more affordable, Walmart sells a similar one for $100. Also, WHY are Jordans so dang expensive? Thankfully there's a Nike Outlet by our house, but they were still $50!

You know you're getting old when things like a bra and a home cleaning service get added to your wish list. Most of the items I want are practical but here are some items that would be fun...a girl can dream! I think my top request is a three pack of HydraFacial treatments at Viva Day Spa! If you buy in a pack of three you save 20%.

Alex's gift requests are usually expensive. He doesn't buy things often but when he does they are pricey. He has a few gadgets on his wish list this year, and I think he could use some new clothes due to his weight loss ; ).  He doesn't own a casual blazer and I think it would be a nice addition to his closet (especially for date night).

When it comes to stockings I buy a few pieces of holiday themed candy and put some socks, accessories and a few small toys inside. Are you a wrapper? Does Santa wrap the toys or leave them open under the tree? I personally love to see wrapped gifts under the tree, and watching my kids rip open the paper is so much fun! My mom spent so many hours wrapping gifts for my siblings and I, but they were always so beautiful.

 What's on your list this year?!

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