Treating Our Son's Hemangioma

All three of my children were born with hemangiomas, which started as small red blemishes on their bodies a few weeks after they born. I had never heard or seen a hemangioma prior to my children getting them, so it was a bit scary when they started to grow.

I'm excited to partner with Dell Children's Medical Center to share how we treated them and what to expect if your little one has one!

I wasn't born with a hemangioma, so I was surprised when all three of my children did. They are hereditary and are more common in white infants, females, and premature babies. Turner was born with one above his right eye just above his eyebrow. Whitney was born with one on top of her head, one on her bottom, and one on her arm. Walt was born with one on the left side of his nose. You can see them in the photos below. 

When they were born there was no trace of them, but about two weeks later a small red mark started to form. With Turner I thought it was baby acne so I ignored it for a while, but it began to grow in size and become redder. When I took him for his checkup I asked the doctor and they advised it was likely a hemangioma. 

Baby Photos by Laura Morsman

The majority of hemangiomas never need any form of treatment, however some may grow close to areas that could cause physical problems and interfere with vision, breathing or hearing. 

We consulted with a specialist at Dell Children's Medical Center and they advised Turner and Whitney's hemangiomas were not causing any issues physically so there was no need to treat them. Turner's completely disappeared by age 5 with no treatment. Our specialist did recommend Walt have laser treatment on his hemangioma on his nose because it could cause vision issues as the hemangioma would begin to rise. We felt very confident in Dell Children's since our children have all had multiple surgeries there before, and they have amazing specialists. We verified our insurance coverage and scheduled the surgery! 

Walt had three laser treatments, and the procedure was very simple. The nurses and doctors took us through each step before surgery making us feel calm and confident. A numbing topical was applied prior, and the actual procedure only took a few seconds. Walt felt great afterwards and there was no downtime. He had his first treatment at 3 months old, and his hemangioma completed disappeared by the time he was a year old. 

I love that Dell Children's Medical Center is close to home and they provide family-centered care. I always feel heard and taken care of when I'm there. Knowing my children are in good hands is priceless. If your child has a hemangioma, speak to your doctor to see if it needs to be treated and know you are not alone!

This post was sponsored by Ascension Texas, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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