Walt & Whitney | 3 Years Old

Happy 3rd Birthday Walton & Whitney!

I won't say I can't believe they are 3, because really it feels like a long three years (this mom is tired)! It's become a bit of a tradition to take birthday photos with their adorable Little Blue Olive party hats, and this weekend we headed to Play for All Abilities Park to shoot. I had about one minute with them before they were DONE, and that was after I gave them a sucker ; ). Walt went right in for a kiss, and then my heart grew three sizes. They bicker like a married couple, but their adorable moments of friendship make the stress and lack of sleep worth it!

Listen to their natural birth story here

- You used to be the worst sleeper, but now you go down every night without a fight. Around 7pm I read you two books, turn off the light, sing you a lullaby and lay you down. Easy peasy.
- You love to help in the kitchen when Mom or Dad are cooking.
- You grunt at me when you're mad.
- You don't put up a fight about clothes or shoes, and pretty much wear anything I put on you. I love that!
- You are extremely behaved when you're by yourself. You love 1x1 time.
- You are a scooter pro and your favorite toys included monster trucks and nerf guns.
- Your favorite food is Chic-fil-A and "Cereal in a bowl with milk".


- You are VERY opinionated when it comes to your clothes. Getting you dressed for school feels like running a marathon. You refuse to wear socks (not sure how I persuaded you to wear them for these photos), love pink, and pick out your shoes. Just a few months ago all you ever wanted to wear was dresses, and now I can rarely get you in one. 
- You are hilarious, and have the most intense facial expressions. When you roll your eyes and say, "Ugh", I can't help but laugh. 
- You have an addictive personality, and when you latch on to something...you LATCH ON! Food, clothing, toys, rocks...you name it. You hold it in your hand and don't let go for hours. 
- You love to "cuddle up", and boss Walt around. 
- You refuse to let me put bubbles in the bath tub. 
- Your favorite toy is a play cell phone, and you love getting in to my makeup. 

I don't coordinate their outfits often, so they were very excited to take photos in their birthday outfits from June and January! If you have twins they're clothing is perfect for mix and matching and extremely soft and high quality.

We celebrated with a trip to Build-A-Bear and dinner at Chuck-E-Cheese's! Having twins is not easy, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This next year will be tough at times....potty training, transitioning to twin beds, and simply having two three year olds however there is going to be so much growth and transition. This time next year I might be able to put my feet up and breath a little!                                    

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