May Budget Recap

Budget: $375
Spent: $510

After spending almost $1,000 last month on eating out, we tried harder to eat at home in May. We had a few weekend trips and date nights which added up, but I'm happy with what we spent. We cooked in our new kitchen quite a bit, but pool snacks have been adding up! Anyone else's kids turn in to ravenous animals when they swim? During the work week my goal has been to only eat out for lunch once.

Alex and I did try a new family style Korean restaurant in Austin called, Oseyo, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I loved EVERYTHING. I'm not being paid to write this, haha! I highly recommend getting the pan-fried dumplings filled with mushrooms and the sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken. Their cocktails were delicious and come in fun glasses!

To be honest, I'm letting my $375 a month goal go . I think I was a bit too ambitious, and honestly some nights it's just not worth it to cook. I'm tired, Alex is tired, kids are nuts and it's so easy to grab a pizza on the way home and take it to the pool.

Budget: $200
Spent: $158

I'm happy to come under budget for the month! I was planning on not buying anything for myself, but I was tempted a few times and bought a dress from H&M and one from TJ Maxx. I also found the cutest swimsuit from Aerie for $33, and a pair of sandals from Target perfect for the pool for $13! I bought Turner a pair of sneakers and a James Avery charm for his necklace. I wanted to spend my entire paycheck on the Hanna Andersson 60% off sale, but I surprisingly refrained. I've been trying to spend less on clothing so I can use that money to buy things for our new home.  I took advantage of Memorial Day sales and bought two rugs (this one from Wayfair and this one from Rugs USA) and four barstools to match the two we already have from our first home. 

Gifted Items:
Theory gift card (I bought some suits and dresses for work, a pair of jeans, a pair of heels and sandals)
June and January outfits for the kids via a gift card

Photos by Madeline Harper

Summer is a season of higher spending because of traveling and kids being out of school. I'm looking forward to all the fun adventures, but need to keep a close watch on what we're buying! I've already bought way too many goggles, because my kids lose them all the time. Back in the day when Alex and I were trying to get out of debt I used cash only. Today I use Mint to track my spending. I know cash would hold us more accountable, but Alex prefers using credit cards for the points. Yes, we've read every Dave Ramsey book and taught Financial Peace University, but we pick and choose what we apply. If you are just starting out with budgeting or have no idea where to start when it comes to tackling your debt, I highly recommend reading Total Money Makeover. Again, I don't agree with everything Ramsey says however his system does work!

Happy summer friends! Make room for lots of snow cones in your budget ; )

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