Walt & Whitney | Four Years Old

Happy 4th Birthday Walt & Whitney! Age three was a BIG year for my wild twins. They were potty trained, moved to separate pre-k classes because they bickered too much, transitioned to big kid beds, and moved out of the home we brought them to after they were born. Since we moved Alex commutes 45 minutes to work and drops them off at daycare near his office. Let's just say his mornings and afternoons aren't as quiet as mine.

Walty, Walty Poo, Walt...he goes by many names. He is my most difficult child in the morning and fights me almost EVERY day to get dressed for school. He's the first one to wake up on the weekends (usually 6:30), and is the hardest to get to sleep. He comes out of his room multiple times a night, and has the slightest lisp and souther accent. While he may be hard headed, he loves to cuddle. When we take him away from Turner and Whitney and give him our undivided attention he's an angel Because of this we've found separating Walt & Whitney helps with their behavior and makes outings much more enjoyable for everyone.

This fall was a tough one for Walt as he broke his wrist at school, got the flu twice and had EIGHT cavities. Don't judge me as a parent. Whitney had zero cavities and they eat and brush the same. Reminds me of Alex and I. I brush and floss twice a day, and every time I see the dentist I usually have a cavity. Alex never flosses and brushes once a day yet has never had a cavity. What the heck?!

Walt is obsessed with nerf guns, bows and arrows, swords and pretty much any weapon he can tuck in his pants or down the back of his shirt. We have a nerf gun war at least once a night and the plastic nerf bullets are in every square foot of my home.

Where do I start with this firecracker? Whitney is extremely smart and full of emotion. She knows how to work the crowd and has the cutest giggle and smile. She has ZERO chill, and reminds me of myself daily. She discovered her love of the hair dryer, painting her nails, and unicorns this past year. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and every night before bed I sing to her "You are my sunshine" and we exchange butterfly and eskimo kisses. If we go to Target she'll ask for a stuffed animal or swimsuit. Once Disney+ came out she's watched all the princess movies, and I've loved seeing her fall in love with the classics such as Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast (she pronounces "Booty and the Beast").

She loves tutu dresses and singing the Frozen soundtrack. She may love princesses and the color pink, but homegirl can hold her own in fight. Watching her wrestle with Walt and Turner is hilarious. 

Rompers: June & January | Party Hats: Little Blue Olive

I'm about to sign them up for their first extracurricular activity which I've decided to put them in swimming so we can prepare for the summer! I'm so ready for weeknights at the neighborhood pool. Thank you Lord for their health and safety, and I pray they always know they are loved!

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