25 Healthy Snack Ideas For The Office

I realized something very significant to my health during the holiday break. I don't snack when I'm at home, but when I'm sitting at my desk at work I eat ALL day. I eat when I'm stressed, nervous and bored. Within 20 feet of my desk is our break room and it's stocked 24/7 with processed foods including chips, cookies, snack bars, and more. It's VERY DANGEROUS. I've decided it's time I snack smarter!

I went to my favorite resource, Instagram stories, to poll my friends as to what their favorite healthy snacks were! I'm rounding up their answers below as well as some of my favorites.

- Cottage cheese w/fruit
- Yogurt covered blueberries/strawberries
- Meat Sticks (I recommend Chomps)
- Rice cakes (add peanut butter and bananas)
- Trail Mix
- Roasted Chickpeas
- Fruit (bananas, oranges, pineapples, apples, you name it) Add peanut butter or almond butter
- Carrots (add hummus)
- Dry Roasted Edamame
- Laughing Cow Cheese
- Pretzel Slims
- Greek Yogurt Dip for veggies
- Coconut Chips (these are my favorite!)
- Nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts)
- Sweet Peppers
- Guacamole on Ezekiel bread
- Turkey wrapped around a gouda cheese stick
- Yogurt with nuts/granola/fruit
- Baked veggie chips
- Granola bars (RX Bar, LaraBar, Kind Bar, Thunderbird Bar)
- Harvest Snapea Crisps (White Cheddar, Tomato Basil & Caesar are delicious)
- Popcorn
- Oatmeal Bites (I grab Alyssa's Bites at the grocery store)
- Boiled Eggs
- No Bake Energy Balls
- Blueberry Muffin Energy Bites (this makes 26 but my friend Sierra swears these are delicious!)

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I can't forget my favorite suggestion, ICE WATER, which I don't consider a snack but is vital to drink a ton of during the day. I try to drink at least 16oz. of water before I eat anything in the morning, and fill up my Bubba cup (24oz.) 3x a day. Bringing my own healthy snacks costs more and takes more time to prep in the morning but it's worth it! I've noticed I'm less bloated and have more energy during the work day.

Do you have a favorite snack I didn't include? Please leave in the comments as I'd love to have more!

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