Patio Bar Cart Styling | Sponsored by Wayfair

The day has finally come when Alex and I can own a bar cart and not worry about our children touching it. We've joked about it for years, and due to quarantine we finally pulled the trigger since Alex has been making cocktails non-stop. I've partnered with Wayfair to show you how to style the perfect patio bar cart for summer entertaining!

Choose a bar cart that fits your style. Glam, farmhouse, modern...Wayfair has something for everyone's style. You can find ours here! It also comes in a cute round version.

Decide what type of beverages you'll be making with the items on your bar cart. Based on that, stack your bottles of liquor on the top and bottom. Add sparkling water or tonic for mixers. I prefer vodka and tequila based drinks, and Alex enjoys darker liquors.

Find fun ways to incorporate barware including a shaker and bottle opener. The only thing I'm missing on this cart is an ice bucket which I recommend. If you are throwing a large party outdoors, you could use a galvanized metal bucket to house ice, beer, sodas or kids drinks.

Start with a basic set of cocktail glasses which can be used for most drinks. This is a great 16 piece set for $27! Add a cute pitcher for juice or water.

The fun part is adding in fruit for your garnish, as well as decor such as a plant or flowers. I bought some striped paper straws and added them for a pop of color. Right after I shot these photos I found the cutest lemon paper napkins, and have since added to my bar cart.

There you have it! Check out Wayfair's selection of bar carts and other outdoor decor to spice up your patio! Now more than ever it's important to love your home because we are obviously spending WAY more time in it than we ever imagined.

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