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The year is coming to an end, and what a year it has been. Recapping what's going been going on in my neck of the woods the past few months and what I'm looking forward to as we close out 2020. 

October was insane. My sponsored collaborations were pretty slow this summer, so in September I started saying yes to a lot of pitches and then EVERYTHING was due in October. I shot 6 campaigns which might not seem like a lot to a full-time blogger, but since I do this part time after work it was overwhelming. So much more goes in to a collaboration than what people might think. There are dozens of emails exchanged, contracts to be reviewed and signed, creative brainstorming, purchasing items needed for the shoot, photoshoot prep (making food if needed, doing hair/makeup), and the hardest part which is wrangling my husband to take my photo or even worse if my kids need to be involved 🤣. And then after all that is done I usually have to send in my photos with the copy as well as my pre-recorded stories a couple of weeks in advance for the brand to review. Once I've published the posts, then I will need to save all my analytics and send over to the brand. I usually get paid 2-3 months after my content went live. 

I have three campaigns in December, one for Hallmark, one with Wolf Ranch Shopping Center and the last with RV Share which I'll be making a YouTube video of our first RV trip! I also plan on making a YouTube video from our trip to Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, but it's not a high priority.  I've also ramped up sharing deals and outfits using the LiketoKnow.it app, and usually make around $250 a month. However it takes a LONG time to get in commissions paid by the brands, so even if I make a commission from an item you purchased using my link it could take up to 6 months for me to be paid for it.  

I am enjoying having my Georgetown foodie Instagram account, but I rarely post simply because of priority and I don't eat at new places often enough to get ever flowing content. It is nice not having to show my face, and food accounts are loved by everyone!

I've bought things here and there over the past few months but some of my most worn items are this velour lounge set, Tecovas boots, and neutral button sweater from Madewell. I've pretty much gotten all of my Christmas shopping done as I'm keeping it simple for the kids, and since we're doing Christmas at Alex's parents I'm buying each one of his family members a gift. 

There were some good sales during Black Friday that I took advantage including another Lou & Grey lounge set, which I'm loving as I work from home. I grabbed a pair of leopard mules to replace an old pair, a bra and some cotton pajamas.  

Turner has been attending in-person school since October and we're all enjoying it! I'm enjoying the quiet and he's getting hands on dyslexia lessons. He just finished up his first season of select baseball, and is already practicing for the spring on the same team. All I have to say is baseball is INTENSE. Alex has volunteered to help coach and is gone 2-3 nights a week for practice and then games are tournaments played on Saturday and Sunday. 

Walt and Whitney are still going to full-time pre school and will be turning 5 this January. They still whine and cry almost every day I pick them up from school because....well they have big feelings (putting it nicely). I'm hoping to sign them up for gymnastics this spring, and I'm counting down the days until they start kindergarten! 

A few months ago I was moved over from Cloud to manage the AI Apps and Blockchain social channels. In a large company you have to be adaptable and open to change because re-orgs happen often. I'm still working from home and enjoying every minute of it. The first couple of months I couldn't focus and really missed the office interaction and dialogue with my co-workers. But 9 months in and after I set up a dedicated work space in Turner's room I really started to enjoy it. I have about 3 extra hours in my day, save a ton on gas, and don't have to sit in traffic! Alex is still working from the kitchen table and since we're both on calls most of the day we rarely talk or see each other except around lunch. 

I took my first full week off in 2020 for Thanksgiving and it was GLORIOUS! My brain and body needed to not think about work, and for Christmas I'm taking two weeks off! Well, I will have one week I won't be able to completely shut off as I will have to monitor our channels, but it will be a very slow week. 

We are traveling to my in-laws in Sherman (north of Dallas) for Christmas and on the 26th we're picking up our RV nearby and heading to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for our week long road trip! We are renting a Class C motorhome and also staying in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri. I'm nervous and excited 😬!

When it comest to 2021 travel I have nothing planned purposefully because I'm afraid of things getting cancelled. We were hoping to reschedule our Euro trip to May or June, but I think we're going to wait until 2022 to be safe. We'll likely be doing a lot of Texas trips which I still love! I would love to visit Hyatt Lost Pines or JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country as they've both been on my Texas travel bucket list. Disney is also on our list but we are waiting until the twins are at least 7 or 8. 

Photos by Madeline Harper | Shoot Location: Garey House
Oh and let's not forget the biggest change to our family this year which was getting a DOG 😱! Yes, I can't believe I caved, but Mac's little face and the joy I knew he would bring my kids was worth it....we'll see. I plan on going more in to detail about where we got him, bringing him home prep and his training in an upcoming post! 

I hope the end of your year slows down a bit and you can relax! 

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