My Top Binge-Worthy Shows

I watch A LOT of TV. At least 2 hours a night and usually more. Some nights it just plays in the background as I write ( Real Housewives of anywhere), but many nights I binge watch because I love the alone time. There are so many great shows that have been produced over the past few years, and today I'm sharing my favorites by genre. If you are looking for something to watch this post is for you! 

- The Undoing
- Fargo
- Big Little Lies
- True Detective
- Luther
- The Affair
- Sharp Objects
- Bloodline
- The Killing
- Mind Hunter
- You
- Hatched

- Queen of Versailles
- Tower (if you live in Austin this is a MUST watch. Documentary *produced by my sis-in-law* about America's first mass shooting that happened on the UT campus).
- Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (this one changed my life)
- Don't F**k With Cats
- Outcry (local documentary about a football player from Cedar Park, TX)
- The Pharmacist
- Tiger King
- Making a Murderer 
- The Confession Killer (if you live in Georgetown, TX this is a must watch)
- American Murder: The Family Next Door
- The Vow 
- Mommy Dead and Dearest
- Abducted in Plain Sight
- Love Me (this movie is extremely fascinating and about mail order brides)

- West World
- Game of Thrones
- The Walking Dead 

- The Righteous Gemstones
- Schitt's Creek
- Queen's Gambit (not necessarily a comedy, but it's light hearted and entertaining)
- Divorce
- Dead To Me
- Orange is the New Black
- On Becoming a God in Central Florida
- Ted Lasso
- Arrested Development
- Reno 911
- Girls
- Vice Principals 
- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

- Homeland
- Breaking Bad
- The Handmaid's Tale
- Yellowstone
- Ozark (Jason Bateman in a serious role about money laundering)
- House of Cards
- Billions
- Succession
- Ray Donovan (two words....LIEV SCHREIBER)
- Downton Abbey
- The Path (great series about a fictional cult, featuring Aaron Paul)
- The Deuce
- Chernobyl 
- Big Love (If you're interested in Polygamy/Mormonism)

Happy watching!

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