January Small Goals

I've never been a big resolution type of person or choosing a word for the year. However, 3 years ago I started writing out small monthly goals and it was an absolute game changer. Setting small goals made them much more attainable. It's much easier to achieve a larger goal when you break it up, for instance if you want to start a blog you would set goals of how to achieve that every month. For instance one month could be to research/decide on a blog name and buy a domain. The next month could be to buy a template, design your site, and so on. A big hairy goal can be overwhelming so breaking it up in to bite size monthly goals is helpful! 

I love a good challenge as well. 3 years ago I did a no shopping challenge for 6 months, and 2 years ago I did a budget challenge and shared what I spent on eating out and shopping every month. I feel good about my spending habits on clothes, how much I exercise (2x a week), and I declutter ALL the time so I'm not doing any specific challenges this year. 

I rarely set blogging goals which honestly just shows me my true focus. I have never put 100% towards this blog, because my bigger goals lean more towards my professional marketing career. I do have big goals for my career, and I will be working towards those this year. Some I won't really be able to go in to detail simply because I need to keep certain steps private. 


My goal is to finish a YouTube video and blog post for my recent RV trip! Travel posts always take me the longest to write because I go in to a lot of detail. 

Walt & Whitney are turning FIVE January 14! They've requested a cookie cake so on my to-do list is to order one from Great American Cookie Co., and I want to continue the tradition of shooting them with their birthday crowns from Little Blue Olive. I also want to shoot some Valentine's Day content and possible create a balloon arch.

I have a few local Texas trips I want to take this spring so my goal is to look at my schedule and block out weekends for travel. I bought a simple monthly planner from Target and I'm hoping to start filling it out with Turner's baseball games, practices and travel. 

At work I make quarterly goals that I update throughout the year. My goal this January is to close out my 2020 report and finalize on my Q1 goals. I know one goal in 2021 will be to take a few leadership courses as I want to work towards becoming a manager. 

Mac is officially back from training, but we still have lots of things to work on with him as he grows. I joined the Conscious Dog Training Facebook group and my goal is to work through the training units. I'm also hoping to take one of their online courses. This is my first time owning a pet, and I'm legit terrified of screwing it up. 

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