24 in 24 Shopping Challenge

Maybe it's the Enneagram 7 in me but I love a challenge at the beginning of a new year. Over the years I've done a few budgeting/shopping challenges. For instance in college I went a year with only buying second hand clothing, and when my kids were babies I did a 6 month no shopping challenge.

For some reason I'm more motivated about our spending and budgeting this year. Probably because I have a dozen trips on my mind and I can't travel AND shop to my heart's desire. So here we go....24 ITEMS IN 2024! 


Only purchase 24 clothing items in 2024. This will include items such as shoes, tops, jeans, swimsuits, purses, etc. I'm not including skincare or makeup in the challenge...girl can't quit Botox 😉. I'm also not including purchasing accessories like sunglasses, hats, jewelry in the challenge. By focusing on a small amount of items it will force me to be more intentional with every purchase. You put me in a mall and my credit card is not safe. The easiest way for me to successfully complete the challenge is by limiting my visits to Target, malls and TJ Maxx. I have also started unsubscribing to every retailer so I'm not constantly bombarded with emails to buy buy buy. 

With this challenge I plan on spending similar amounts as to what I've spent in the past and not going wild like spending $500 on a dress or pair of jeans. Although with inflation it feels like anything of quality is over $150. In my mind I see this as purchasing 2 items per month, however I know I'm going to want to purchase more than 2 items so I'll need to allot more items for May vs. another month. 

I know this will be difficult when seasons change and before vacations. Anyone else freak about before a vacation and feel like they need a whole new wardrobe? This year will be about repeating outfits! Now for someone who loves clothes this is going to be hard. I was just in Target today and already found myself being challenged to not walk out with anything for myself. 

I will still be sharing unique finds with you on Insta, and will occasionally window shop as I decide on what I want my purchases to be. I will definitely be leaning into my spring colors. I'm a HOC (House of Color) Spring, and have used my color wheel in almost every purchase decision. If you haven't had a color analysis, I highly recommend it! Read all about my experience here

Photos: Amy Wilborn | Location: Wish Well House 

I'll make sure to bring you along the way and share what my purchases are! For January I'm only purchasing one item and it's this ASOS dress ($66) for a Galentine's party. To be honest I purchased it before I decided on doing this challenge, and it's not the best purchase since it's a party dress that might get worn once or twice a year. 

This challenge completely takes away irrational purchases. No grabbing a $10 tank in Target just because, no being persuaded by an Instagram ad to buy a new pair of shoes. Every purchase is intentional and a lot of thought will go behind it. I also plan on doing an inventory of my closet. I will be tracking my purchases via a google spreadsheet, and I have an Insta group if you're interested in participating with me! 

I know this will be very hard, but I plan on making a vision board that helps me to focus on my WHY. Why am I choosing to not purchase something? What will the benefit be in the long run? 

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