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A year ago I had a personal color analysis done and it changed the way I dress and specifically the colors I choose. Today I'm sharing some recent outfits plus an update on my 24 Buys in 2024 shopping challenge!

I've always been drawn to color however in the past when I am trying to shop practically I purchase neutrals for the ease of mixing and matching. However, after having my color analysis done I learned I'm a SPRING and black and white are not good colors for me. I still have neutrals that are complimentary including navy, browns and creams, but the bulk of the colors in my color wheel include spring colors you think of including pastels (pinks, greens, corals). 

Lately I've been challenging myself to purchase more color, and it's easy to mix these colors when they are a part of my color wheel. I notice a significant difference in not only my mood when I wear color but how I look. Here are a few colorful outfits I've worn the past couple of months. P.S. all my outfits are linked on my LTK account (a free app you can download). 

24 in 24 Shopping Challenge Update:
I'm challenging myself to only purchase 24 clothing items in 2024. I'm including gifted items as well because it doesn't seem fair to accept clothes and accumulate over 24 items when others are joining me in this challenge that don't get gifted clothing. I am not including purses, jewelry and makeup in the challenge, but shoes are a part of it. 

January Purchases
- First item was a pair of Katie Kime pajamas I was gifted
- Second item was a FreePeople Puffer Jacket I purchased

I'm trying to take it slow in February/March in preparation of shopping in Italy this May. However it never fails I want a completely new wardrobe before I take go on vacation so my goal is to only purchase 2-3 items prior to the trip. I have my eye on a pair of Freda Salvador fisherman sandals I think would be a staple in my closet and compliment my spring/summer outfits. Use my friend Andrea's code "15ANDREA" to get 15% off your first order. Another purchase I'm weighing is a pair of barrel jeans specifically these from Agolde. 

One item I purchased before my challenge started back in December were these high waisted athletic trousers by Alo and they might be my favorite pants of all-time! I reach for them almost daily, and have to tell myself to wear something else ; ). If I wasn't doing this challenge I'd buy a pair in brown immediately.

Something that has helped me in this challenge is borrowing clothes from friends. Thankfully we're similar in size so when I need a specific item such as a black blazer, my friends have been extremely helpful! It also helps they are joining in the challenge and we keep each other accountable. 

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